We have just 2 weeks left of the school summer holidays here and it’s time to start getting organised, ordering uniform, sorting out a workspace, ironing on name labels and thinking about school supplies.

It is also a great time to pay attention to what your child may need over the coming year so you start as you mean to go on.

Collins have recently sent me a selection of books and I have to say I think these are going to be a real asset to my children in the year ahead. let me show you them.


There is also deal on at Collins at the moment so if you like the look of the books I am going to show you it is well worth whizzing over there and using this brilliant discount code.


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This week has been about simple Back to School crafts.

My daughter just gets so excited when our mystery craft boxes arrive each month as part of our Bostik bloggers project with Tots100

This month  I told her our theme was Back to School and let her loose. We had a little trawl through YouTube for some inspiration and she played around with the items too trying this and that.

It is such a joy to watch your child’s creativity in flow isn’t it? It makes both of us so happy.

simple back to school crafts

She loved the little foam pads Bostik sent with the craft materials. Thsee are fab for tricky fixings. She just loves their fabric glue too. She used the glue to affix the buttons and she used the blu tack that was sent to stick her Back to School timetable to the fridge.Yay for brilliant Bostik products

You can have a look at what she made in this sweet little video.

I think she did a great job and her crafts are both pretty and practical.

I started a new community on Instagram this month based around the hashtag #acreativechildhood Please do come and join in if you are interested in this  concept it could involves music, art, craft, play, baking, making, creating or experimenting…I would love to see your photos and hopefully we can all inspire each other. You can find m on Instagram here

P.S Oh and just in case you missed it last month we were making creepy crawly crafts



Noddy has been invited to Toytown’s annual summer festival and  doesn’t know what to wear. Bumpy dog has a new collar and even Revs the car has been freshly cleaned and polished. Noddy has a think about how he can look amazing too.

Aha! How about decorating his famous blue hat?


Can you help  him?

If you print off the picture of the hat and stick it on to card you can then set to work. Maybe you will go for a woodland walk and pick up fallen flowers and leaves and maybe a pinecone for the bell?

Maybe you will get out lots of brightly coloured paints and make Noddy the most colourful toy in Toytown. Or perhaps his hat should be all glittery?

It is totally up to you,

Do send me a photo of your creations, I cannot wait to see!


You can print your blank hat to decorate here Noddy’s summer festival hat

Here is one we did earlier…..


The Noddy Challenge

This is an entry into the Tots100 #NoddyChallenge Blogger Competition to win £500 in books from The Book People.

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So I gave my daughter July’s mystery box of crafts that come as part of my work as a Bostik Blogger.

I told her the theme was creepy crawlies and left her to get creative.

Creepy Crawly Crafting


I think she has done the most wonderful job. Let me know what you think!


Bostik products are brilliant and so easy to use..the wonders of a sticky pad and a bit of blu tack!





Build-A-Bear Eevee Review

So this past week my daughter turned 10. it was all  fabulous, a swimming party, lots of cake, family and friends and presents galore. She also got a bit of spending money. What a lucky girl she is…and she does understand that.

Build-A-Bear Eevee Review

We headed off into town to do a litle shopping and we ended up as we often do looking at the little outfits in Build-a-Bear. L has a much loved and very worn minion and she likes to get hm little accessories, with the new film coming out she was excited that Build-A-Bear woudl have lot sof minion accessories and bears back in stock.

She had her head swayed though buy the very gorgeous Eevee.

I’ll let her tell you all about it…


My favourites things about Build-A-Bear are:

  1. The quality of the plush toys is very good and they always ask for a really long time
  2. The experience of building and naming and choosing a heart a sound and an outrfit for your bear make this such a precious experience
  3. The staff are always and without exception really lovely to the kids

My daughters favourite three things about Build-A-Bear are

  1. The toys
  2. The staff
  3. The clothes

So we are pretty in tune with this one!

I have no doubt that we will be back again!