So I gave my daughter July’s mystery box of crafts that come as part of my work as a Bostik Blogger.

I told her the theme was creepy crawlies and left her to get creative.

Creepy Crawly Crafting


I think she has done the most wonderful job. Let me know what you think!


Bostik products are brilliant and so easy to use..the wonders of a sticky pad and a bit of blu tack!





Build-A-Bear Eevee Review

So this past week my daughter turned 10. it was all  fabulous, a swimming party, lots of cake, family and friends and presents galore. She also got a bit of spending money. What a lucky girl she is…and she does understand that.

Build-A-Bear Eevee Review

We headed off into town to do a litle shopping and we ended up as we often do looking at the little outfits in Build-a-Bear. L has a much loved and very worn minion and she likes to get hm little accessories, with the new film coming out she was excited that Build-A-Bear woudl have lot sof minion accessories and bears back in stock.

She had her head swayed though buy the very gorgeous Eevee.

I’ll let her tell you all about it…


My favourites things about Build-A-Bear are:

  1. The quality of the plush toys is very good and they always ask for a really long time
  2. The experience of building and naming and choosing a heart a sound and an outrfit for your bear make this such a precious experience
  3. The staff are always and without exception really lovely to the kids

My daughters favourite three things about Build-A-Bear are

  1. The toys
  2. The staff
  3. The clothes

So we are pretty in tune with this one!

I have no doubt that we will be back again!





We have been wanting to learn how to make a simple chocolate bark for a long time but chocolate never seems to last 5 minutes in this house.

We buy it with good intentions but whoosh it soon disappears!

However last week was my son’s very special 13th birthday and his little sister wanted to make him something a bit special to celebrate him becoming a teenager. It was definitely time to try our hand oat chocolate bark! Here is her little vlog showing you how to make it.

Please excuse the lighting she had gotten up at 6am to make it for him before school started!

She is a very good little sister.

You can use anything really to put on your bark. As long as you have your melted choc base and it is still warm and dsoft you can pretty much add anything you fancy to it.

I fancy caramel and pistachio on a more grown up version.

I think this is a lovely idea for a teacher gift too or for  party bags! It breaks up so easily and a slice is just pure delight. I have to admit to having a fair few myself!

What would you put on yours?

make a simple chocolate bark

Do have a look at our choc chip cake bars too and don’t forget to visit our sister site Eat Simply  for more bakes


Nature Craft Bookmark Making

My daughter went pond dipping with her brownie group last night in our little local wildlife trust reserve. She had such a good time, was completely filthy and full of tales ( as she normally) is. i do love to see the girls giggling in their colourful wellie,s a proper childhood unplugged time, just outdoors and having fun. Keeping it simple.

Nature Craft Bookmark

She has something clutched in her hands ..look what I made you mummy she declared and even at (just 6 more sleeps) almost 10 she is proud as punch at items she crafts for me.

She had been given a little strip of card with double sided tape cu in a strip down the centre. Allowed to pick fallen flowers and leaves only, the girls had been encouraged to pop their finds onto their card and make a little books mark. How cute is my bookmark and such a simple and fun activity.

If you have kids who are not to keen to go out on a nature walk this is a really lovely thing you can do with them whilst out that will encourage them to be both mindful and observant and distract them from how far you have made them walk! Perhaps.



Well not actually a space craft but a craft set in Space. After the terrible events of rrecent times I am encouraging my kids to think mostly of love and this seems to have steered their crafting this week. It was time for their Bostok Bloggers box for June and their was a very pout of this world feel to it.

My daughter had a friend round to play so I simply popped out the craft box , the Bostik glue dots and white glue and said if you fancy crafting there is a box here.

9 years old girls i have found can amuse themselves for hours and they jumped on this craft sy set up with relish.

It’s all very spacey they declared …that’s your prompt I said and promptly left them too it and took a cup of tea into the garden.

I just absolutely adore what they made, such imagination, thought, enjoyment and teamwork went in to this.

Crafting is such a good child developmental tool along with being a whole of of fun.

Thisis the love shuttle which will take you to love planet  along with King and Queen Love.

A Space Craft

This is their rocket for longer journeys.

And baby Prince Alien Love in his cot.

We all need a Love Plant to escape too. I reckon!  A Space Craft full of joy.

The Bostik products worked beautifully as always to keep the crafts in tact and the glue dots were as always a mess free easy to handle favourite.