Well not actually a space craft but a craft set in Space. After the terrible events of rrecent times I am encouraging my kids to think mostly of love and this seems to have steered their crafting this week. It was time for their Bostok Bloggers box for June and their was a very pout of this world feel to it.

My daughter had a friend round to play so I simply popped out the craft box , the Bostik glue dots and white glue and said if you fancy crafting there is a box here.

9 years old girls i have found can amuse themselves for hours and they jumped on this craft sy set up with relish.

It’s all very spacey they declared …that’s your prompt I said and promptly left them too it and took a cup of tea into the garden.

I just absolutely adore what they made, such imagination, thought, enjoyment and teamwork went in to this.

Crafting is such a good child developmental tool along with being a whole of of fun.

Thisis the love shuttle which will take you to love planet  along with King and Queen Love.

A Space Craft

This is their rocket for longer journeys.

And baby Prince Alien Love in his cot.

We all need a Love Plant to escape too. I reckon!  A Space Craft full of joy.

The Bostik products worked beautifully as always to keep the crafts in tact and the glue dots were as always a mess free easy to handle favourite.



How many birds can you name do you think?

We love to encourage birds into our garden and make a lot of effort to do so hanging bird feeders and putting out water. We get such delight in seeing them swooping down and grabbing their seed. Early in the morning time I love to sit on a bench in our garden, with a coffee and all by myself and hear them chirp and sing.

Birds add such richness to our lives don’t they.

You can see here how to make your own pine cone bird feeder to encourage the birds in.

How many birds can you name

Now I CAN tell you the different between a robin and an eagles and a parrot and a pigeon but after that I am not that knowledgeable where birds are concerned .

How about you?

Do you know all the different types off birds that there are?

There is a great Can You Name the Birds quiz over at Rattan Direct that puts your knowledge to the test, so do pop over and have a go and see how much you know. You may be surprised and know more than you think.

P.s I only got 4 out of 8 and 2 were guesses YIKES! Hope you do better than that! Do let me know how you get on.



feature post 







I want to share with you the best YouTube channel for craft loving kids

My daughter and her friend spent Sunday afternoon watching YouTube. Before you cry out in horror about how much screen time they had..let me explain. They were actually watching  the best YouTube channel for craft loving kids and crafting a long to a brilliant Red Ted Art video.

Have you come across Red Ted Art ?

Her craft tutorials are just fabulous: cute, interesting, fun and super easy to follow.

This is the video they were watching:


They decide to have go themselves. I popped the ipad on the table, scouted out some craft materials  for them and about  45 minutes later they emerged triumphant with their finished bookmarks.

YouTube channel for craft loving kids

Aren’t they fabulous?

They were very proud of themselves and rightly so. Following instructions and creating from instructions are wonderful skills. I am hoping with enough practice they’ll be doing flat packs in no time!

How adorable that they also wrote out the instructions.

The Hug-a-book bookmarks are very sweet and useful. Wouldn’t they make wonderful gifts too?

Do pop over to Red Ted Art to find out more about them. She plans to do lots more like these and the girls cannot wait!

Red Ted Art is the best YouTube channel for craft loving kids – be sure to subscribe and do tell your friends










I received a lovely Bostik Bloggers box this month and a challenge to craft some simple flower crafts. As ever I like to  keep any crafts I make easy so they are completely do-able  and these flowers really could not be simpler..or need less ‘stuff.’

What you will need

Paper cases

Pipe Cleaner

Glue or clear tape

You simply fold your paper case in half then roll it into a cone and secure with tape or glue.

There should be  a tiny gap at the bottom which you can push you pipe cleaner through to make flowers. Arrange in a vase and never both to water. These will last you ages!

Using simple flowers shapes we also made a sweet happy new home card for a friend who is moving  We love a bit of collage!


We also had fun making pin wheels and attaching them to straws. Rather than reinvent the (pin) wheel I am jut going to direct you over the simplest tutorial ever for making a pinwheel

It is so easy we got it perfect first time!

And thinking all about Spring we made flower rain clouds to help our garden grow.

As well as a few lovely crafting materials, great, easy to control  sticking products (like the Bostik fine line glue) the main thing you need for crafting is time together and imagination to really get the creativity flowing








I have such a lovely treat for you today, a chance to win a silver bracelet from Kaya Jewellery. This beautiful silver bracelet carries the symbol of Infinity: the symbol of infinite love and infinite friendship.

win a silver bracelet

Look at all these lovely features:

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♥ The infinity symbol is about 2.5 cm wide, graceful, delicately, and not too mini.
♥ Luxury wrapped in a pink silk jewellery pouch and ready to give as a gift.
♥ For each piece of jewellery KAYA donates an amount so that a child in Gambia can go to school


Kaya Jewellery is a lovely online store selling a huge range of jewellery and specializing in engraveable jewellery and matching mother daughter jewellery. They even have some lovely 3 generation sets – now isn’t that a wonderful idea?

Do pop over and have a look it really is a beautiful store.


How to win

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I wish you the best of luck!