Filling the memory banks of our children

The memory banks of our children

It’s 9 50 am and I am reflecting on what I deposited in my children’s memory banks this morning

memory banks of our children

On a really positive side I gave them both a big cuddle when they woke up, we giggled during breakfast and made a plan for tonight’s activities so everyone was clear what was happening. There was no rushing and we have a clear routine that most of the time works well. Hopefully they will remember, feeling loved and secure and unstressed.

However I also got cross when a pair of trainers were missing, grumbled about their dad not helping enough, moaned about how much I had to do. So I deposited anxiety and negativity too in their morning memory box. Real as it may be I am not proud of how mindlessly I behaved.

Reflecting on this morning has been an eye-opener actually. I don’t want to show my children so much negativity. Their childhood memory banks will undoubtedly hold my illness, losing their beloved grandma and other things that I cannot change despite my wishes and that will shape them. But what I can do is stop my morning negativity and grumbles and moans from impacting their every day and filling up their memory banks.



I need to be more mindful and to keep reflecting. A morning coffee after the school run and a little journal entry could help me do this. It is important to notice the every day and not let your bad habits fill up your children’s memory banks.


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