10 awesome things to get your teen daughter for her birthday

It can be tricky to know what to get your daughter for her birthday, can’t it?

Well, when they are in their teens it can get even harder. It can be difficult to know what is cool and to keep up with trends when you aren’t exactly in your teen years yourself.

But I am here to help!

Here are 10 ideas that I believe pretty much any teen would love.


Awesome things to get your daughter for her birthday

1.  An iTunes voucher. Whether use it to download apps, music or a movie you can be sure they will put an iTunes voucher to good use and be thoroughly entertained

2.  Wireless headphones. Just perfect for running or when studying or on a train journey – these make an ideal gift.

3. Bath bombs. I haven’t meat a girl/woman yet who didn’t like bath bombs they are fragrant and fun and make bath time really special.

4. Her favourite perfume. Can you ever have enough of your favourite perfume? I know it is always my most favourite present.

5.  Afternoon tea. How absolutely lovely to go out for tea and spend some quality time together having a good chat and reminisce and eating something scrumptious.

6. An amazing experience. I am thinking an indoor skydive or perhaps a white water  rafting session something they won’t forget and will get their adrenaline soaring

7. How about a personalised number plate?  Over at  https://www.newreg.co.uk you can search for hundreds of personalised and private number plates and find the perfect one for your daughter. What a special present and an investment too.

8.  A trip away. It doesn’t have to be expensive just a day trip somewhere special or a little weekend away in Europe, perhaps? It’s all about building memories and shared experiences.

9. A photo album. Creating a photo album full of family and friends would make the most lovely of gifts, it would be inexpensive too but would be just infused with love.

10. Last but not least why not make your daughter a playlist of music that has been part of her childhood and fills her with warm and fuzzy feelings of home and family.

You could also pick  a book form this teen confidence list!

I do hope these idea have inspired you – they are a diverse selection so there should be something for every budget.


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