5 Ideas for a Fun Family Weekend on a Budget

Today – Fun Family Weekend on a Budget

Family Weekend on a Budget


Fun Family Weekend on a Budget

Are you looking for ideas for a fun family weekend on a budget? One thing about having a family is that you always want to find ways to make memories. The other thing about having a family is that you don’t always have the funds to something big. While you may have a desire to have an extravagant family fun weekend, I promise you that even a family fun weekend on a budget will do just fine. Today I’m featuring my top 5 ideas for a family fun weekend on a tight budget so that you can get out there and have some fun with your family no matter what your financial status is.


Get Outdoors

You don’t have to go far to enjoy some family fun on the weekend if you live near a bicycle trail, a hiking trail or even a park. Gather up the family and plan a fun-filled day of outdoor activities in your local town, complete with a family picnic to make some fond memories with your loved ones.


Go Camping

If you truly want a full family fun weekend on a tight budget, then gather up that camping gear and head out to a campsite. While it will cost a little bit to rent a campsite, renting an area for a tent is much more affordable – if the weather isn’t playing ball why not consider a yout hostel


Stay with Family

Sometimes our busy schedules make it almost impossible to spend quality time with extended family members. Consider planning a family fun weekend at a family member’s home. Call around to see which family member has space and time to have your family spend a weekend together at their place.


Make YouTube Videos

Consider creating a family fun YouTube channel. You can use this channel to showcase skits that the entire family comes up with together. This could be a fun way to spend the weekend creating skits, acting, and editing the videos to upload to this new family fun YouTube Channel.


Plan a Staycation

Instead of going out to do anything, or stay somewhere else, why not plan a staycation? You can work with the family to create an itinerary of events to do at home, as well as in your local town. You could even turn the family room into a “hotel style room” for everyone to sleep in together.

There you have it, 5 ideas for a fun family weekend on a  budget. I hope that you’ll use these ideas to plan a special weekend with your family soon.   You might also fancy having a go at crafting. Have a look at my post on how to make yarn sticks


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  1. March 11, 2019 / 2:08 pm

    Yeah I do agree with you that people need to go outside more and experience the outdoors more. Cause too many parents nowadays let their kids on videogames for hours and that doesn’t seem right to me.

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