5 reasons to buy a house rather than a flat

Purchasing your first property is an exciting landmark. Whether you are seeking the safety and security of a flat or the privacy of your own detached house, it can be difficult to know how the make the right choice. There are many advantages and disadvantages associated with both, but houses tend to be the most popular option for millions of buyers all over the world. Read on to find out why.


5 reasons to buy a house rather than a flat

Outside space

While this is not necessarily always the case, flats tend to be restricted when it comes to outside space. A house, on the other hand, almost always has room for either a front or back garden or even both. Even if you are not a natural gardener, outdoor space can be utilised for a variety of different purposes. Garden furniture, ponds, playgrounds, pools, and vegetable gardens all require ample outdoor space. A well-maintained garden also ups the value of your property over time and encourages a greater number of prospective buyers to apply. Some apartment buildings may offer outside space, but this will likely be in the form of a communal garden or outdoor space cleared for the storage and provision of bins or clothing lines.



There are pros and cons to living in both a house and a flat when it comes to neighbours. If you purchase a flat, you will be living in much closer proximity to your neighbours than if you lived in a house. This increases your chances of having to contend with noisy or inconsiderate neighbours or lie awake in the middle of the night forced to listen to the sound of barking dogs or furniture being rearranged. A house, on the other hand, provides greater distance between you and your neighbours. A rumah untuk di jual selangor based property or elsewhere can provide you with your own private sanctuary to minimise potential disruption from rowdy or uncooperative neighbours. You are also less likely to encounter any problem neighbours as regularly if you live in a house than if you live in a flat. This reduces tension and prevents the materialisation of any neighbourly quarrels and disputes. Troublesome tenants in neighbouring flats are also often harder to ignore as there is only a thin wall separating them from you. According to a recent study, 69% of house hunters would be willing to move into an apartment with noisy neighbours if they were offered a substantial discount or monetary incentive.



Another obvious selling point for houses over flats is their suitability for pets. While pets are permitted in many apartment buildings, landlords and building owners tend to be a bit pickier. High-rise apartments also present a number of mobility and flexibility issues for pets. In order to go outside, they must be carried. This can cause several problems for both parties when nature calls in the middle of the night. A cat or a dog living in a detached house or bungalow, on the other hand, will have greater freedom to come and go as they please and access outdoor space at ease with little or no assistance required.

5 reasons to buy a house rather than a flat


Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of purchasing a house over a flat is an increase in square footage. While you can find large loft apartments with sufficient space and amenities, houses tend to offer more inside and outside space combined. Purchasing a house also gives you the opportunity to extend the property down the line if you wish. This can add value to your home over time and increase interest if there comes a time you wish to move on.

Long-term plans

When you purchase a house, you also purchase a freehold agreement. This entitles you to own the property outright as well as the land on which it is built on. This makes you responsible for any maintenance and upkeep costs during the duration of your occupancy. When you purchase a flat, however, you are only presented with a leasehold agreement. This means you own the property but only for the length of your lease agreement as set out by the freeholder. When the lease ends, you can choose to extend ownership or return it to the freeholder. This means that whilst you may own the property for a specific period of time, you have zero stake in the building as a whole.


There are pros and cons to both sides of the debate when it comes to buying a house or a flat. What may suit a family of four may not suit a young professional and vice versa. Houses are the preferred choice for a growing number of homeowners all over the world for a number of reasons. It is important to assess both options before you begin the search for your next forever home.


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