5 simple things that make me SMILE about my home

My home is filled with lots of little annoyances, a too small bedroom for my daughter,   a microwave that has seen better days, a little home office crammed into the corner of a kitchen. I try not to dwell on these things though as I know those things you focus on get bigger and bigger in your mind till they seem more important than they actually are.

Instead, I purposefully dwell on the things in life that make me smile and give them my focus and my thanks.

So, without further ado, here are some of my most FAVOURITE things about my home.

1. I love my bed, it is HUGE and comfy. We have a king size mattress that allows me to toss and turn as much as I like and really spread out. It means my partner and I don’t disturb each other too, which is great. I always get a good nights sleep and I know this is so important to my health.


Image from Mattressman



2. I also love our garden,  it is lush, green and full of twists and turns. It is a beautiful garden and down at the end, there is even a little secret garden.  Sitting in it, even for 5 minutes, makes me so happy.



3. Our kitchen is warm and cosy and our kitchen table is really the hub of the house. We work, craft, sew, read, eat, talk and do homework there. It is a productive and lovely place to be.

4. We also have a large bathroom with beautiful white tiling and it is a serene space in which to relax. I do love a relaxing bath, don’t you? I like a candle and a good book and a glass of wine or two whilst I’m in there.



5. My other half and I love colour and we have had red sofas forever. I adore them, our sofas are bright and squishy and perfect to cuddle up on. Sometimes I go for grey and cream cushions and sometimes I like to jazz things up with yellow and turquoise. Red sofas rock. I honestly cannot imagine ever having any other colour.



So these are the things I love about my home.

What do you love about your home?

Do give it a little thought. I am sure your nest will make you so much happier once you focus on its’s positives. It works like that with people too.

The simplest things can make us smile



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