A grown up bedroom for my tween

Today – A grown up bedroom for my tween 


It is one of those big changes that kind of creep up on you unawares.

Growing up.

A grown up bedroom for my tween

Creating A grown up bedroom for my tween

I am not sure I like it- especially when it applies to my children.

My daughter is about to start secondary school.

My youngest, my baby girl.

I know it is a cliche but honestly, it feels like it was only 5 minutes since she started primary school. I am not so sure it is only her that does not feel ready for this.

I have bought the shoes and the uniform, the pens for marking the laundry and the new shoes, The pe kit is sorted, haircuts booked in and stationary neatly stored in the pencil cases. We really do look like we are ready. We have practised using the mobile phone and making sure it is on silent when it needs to be. We have practised the walk to school and run through the daily routine.  We have made time to rest and relax this summer, we have kept brains sharp and ticking over too.

But there remains one big job which we have just not tackled,

A workspace for my daughter has not yet been prepared. We need to ‘grow up ‘ her room and quickly so she has space to study.

There is a host of things she needs. These include:

  • A reading lamp
  • A  desk and chair ( she has these already but hers are teeny tiny, a young child’s set and truth be told she grew out of them an age ago!
  • Shelves to hold her study books and  folders to keep her work neat and tidy
  • Storage boxes so her room resembles some order so it is a nice place to study not the creative/cluttered one it currently is!

I have found a host of lovely desks at LionsHome and this one is perfect for her that is simple and stylish and would give her the much-needed drawer for her many, many, many pens!



Have you come across LionsHome?  LionsHome UK is an online shopping portal for all things related to home and living. by doing a simple search you can access a huge array of shops to find just what you are after. It is rather brilliant and can save you hours searching!


I am always up for saving time shopping it really can take way too long cant it. This way you are scouring loads of stores all at once. How very clever is that!




So yes this is on our to-do list- making our daughter’s room ready for the next stage in her life.

Then we will (pretty much almost!) be ready.



A grown up bedroom for my tween  is a collaborative post   – you might also like my post on minimalism for beginners



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