A Guide to Nature Play

Nature play is a wonderful things for a child to do.

It is eco-friendly and thrifty.  It gets kids outside soaking up all that wonderful vitamin D and it gets them exercising which boosts both their physical and mental health.

Nature play ticks all the boxes.

It has also been shown through a myriad of studies that children who connect with and playing nature when they are young grow u to be kids who protect and respect nature more  s they get older.

As parents nature play is where it is at! It is something we absolutely must encourage out kids to do.

But where do we start?

Many kids (especially in the Autumn/Winter months) are reluctant to head out and about and would rather stay in wrapped up and cosy.

But they are missing so much fun!


A Guide to Nature Play



A Guide to Nature Play

In my new book A Year of Nature Craft and Play which I co-authored with gardening expert Catherine Hughes we share a host of fabulous play and a crafting ideas designed to inspire kids to be eager to get outside and up close and personal with nature. .

Here is a little taster of some of the nature play ideas contained in the book  ( it also has gardening projects, art and craft projects and seven science experiments all nature based!)



Each of the nature activities comes with super easy to follow instructions such as this one to make a sundial. It is amazing for kids to understand how powerful a stick, stones and observations skills can be.


Nature Play



Other activities include making a min pond, going on scavenger hunts and making a treasure map, leaf piling, rolling down hills with decorated eggs and even cloud watching.


Nature Play



Nature is clearly the best most amazingly beautiful and eclectic play resource that exists for our kids and it right at our fingertips.

Where better to play than in nature and get far away from busy, buzzy, electronic things and instead take in the awe, wonder and peace of the natural world.


You can buy my book A Year of Nature Craft and Play from Amazon and all leading bookstores


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