A Space Craft

Well not actually a space craft but a craft set in Space. After the terrible events of rrecent times I am encouraging my kids to think mostly of love and this seems to have steered their crafting this week. It was time for their Bostok Bloggers box for June and their was a very pout of this world feel to it.

My daughter had a friend round to play so I simply popped out the craft box , the Bostik glue dots and white glue and said if you fancy crafting there is a box here.

9 years old girls i have found can amuse themselves for hours and they jumped on this craft sy set up with relish.

It’s all very spacey they declared …that’s your prompt I said and promptly left them too it and took a cup of tea into the garden.

I just absolutely adore what they made, such imagination, thought, enjoyment and teamwork went in to this.

Crafting is such a good child developmental tool along with being a whole of of fun.

Thisis the love shuttle which will take you to love planet  along with King and Queen Love.

A Space Craft

This is their rocket for longer journeys.

And baby Prince Alien Love in his cot.

We all need a Love Plant to escape too. I reckon!  A Space Craft full of joy.

The Bostik products worked beautifully as always to keep the crafts in tact and the glue dots were as always a mess free easy to handle favourite.



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