Benefits of Porcelain Paving in a Family Garden

When you’re aiming to create an outdoor space that your whole family can enjoy, hard porcelain paving may not seem like the most obvious choice. But high-quality porcelain paving, in addition to being preferable to traditional stone slabs on a number of levels, really can be the perfect flooring material for a family-friendly garden.



Porcelain Paving

Porcelain Paving


4 reasons why porcelain paving might be the best choice for you


1) Low maintenance

Natural stone paving tends to require regular sealing in order to keep out moisture and prevent stains. Porcelain is far less porous than the likes of sandstone and granite, meaning it absorbs much less water, meaning that there’s no need for sealing. In fact, aside from the occasional clean, porcelain paving slabs require no maintenance whatsoever—giving you more time to relax and spend some quality time with your family.


2) Slip resistant

Because porcelain absorbs very little moisture, any water that settles on your porcelain-tiled patio will evaporate quickly, reducing the risk of slips and falls. This is an important consideration if you want to create a safe outdoor space for your kids to use, so when you’re choosing tiles for your garden, make sure you pick a product with a textured finish and a decent grip rating.


3) Easy to clean

Worried that your pristine porcelain tiles won’t look quite so picturesque once they’ve come into contact with your kids? Fear not—porcelain paving can often be wiped clean, and more stubborn messes should be relatively easy to eradicate with the help of a brush and some soapy water.


Porcelain Paving


4) Difficult to damage

Porcelain tiles are baked at a very high temperature—upwards of one thousand degrees Celsius—making the finished product exceptionally durable. As with anything, the quality of porcelain patio tiles varies from one seller to the next, and quality tends not to come cheap; however, if you’re willing to invest in some thick, sturdy porcelain slabs that come with a decent warranty, you should find that they’re incredibly resilient and don’t scratch or scuff easily. (Check with your supplier for details on your chosen paving product.)


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