The Best Flooring Choices for Kid’s Rooms

Are you looking for the Best Flooring Choices for Kid’s Rooms?


The Best Flooring Choices for Kid’s Rooms

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The Best Flooring Choices for Kid’s Rooms

Whether you have a new born baby crawling around, rambunctious toddlers, or young kids running through the house after playing outside you need a floor that can withstand a lot of abuse. So if any of those scenarios apply to you or think they will in the near future the type of flooring you are putting in your kid’s room is probably a topic of discussion.

We have ranked the best flooring options below and explained the benefits and sometimes disadvantages to using certain types of flooring in your kid’s rooms!



The benefits of carpet in a kid’s room are fairly straight forward. Carpet is a natural insulator, soft under the feet and provides extra cushion for falls, crawling, and those everyday accidental spills common with children. But often times of bigger concern is the allergens and VOCs that come along with choosing this type of flooring for your child’s room.

Carpet harbors dust and allergens more than hard surface flooring and generally contains higher levels of volatile organic compounds (or VOCs). This can be determinately to young kid’s health especially negatively affecting children with asthma or airborne allergy issues. Carpet is an decent option but doesn’t crack the top 3 because of the underlying negatives.



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  1. Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is an extremely durable option for kid’s room. It can withstand years of abuse and can easily be refinished in the areas that need serious repair. Hardwood is also much easier to clean and keep clear of dust and allergens over time. There are tons of options in terms of grain pattern, color, width and hardness.

Oak hardwood flooring is one of the most popular species of late. White oak and European oak are the two most popular versions, both are hard and durable and have stronger grains that hide any minor dents and scratches.

Look at the Janka Hardness Rating on different hardwoods to make sure you get something strong enough to withstand the abuse it will take with young kids over the years, as a general rule we recommend to stay above 2500 janka hardness rating.


  1. Floor Mat Coverings

This is one of the most underrated solutions to flooring in kid’s rooms. If you already have carpet or hardwood or vinyl flooring in the house consider getting carpet or rubber floor tiles to lay over top in your kid’s room and play rooms. Not only does this provide a nice cushion surface for playtime but protects the flooring underneath as well!


Vinyl Flooring

The Best Flooring Choices for Kid’s Rooms

Vinyl plank flooring is the most popular options for flooring for kid’s rooms right now.

Vinyl is extremely durable, water resistant, stain proof and extremely inexpensive. On top, vinyl often is a fraction of the cost per square foot than almost all hardwood flooring. It is usually cheap to install as well and depending on the construction can be an extremely easy Do-It-Yourself install for most parents.

Unlike a lot of hardwoods, it doesn’t expand or contract with moisture so won’t buckle and can be beaten up without showing almost any wear. Because vinyl is so inexpensive it is also an easier thing to replace in the future should you want to change your kid’s room to a game room or man cave once they move out!

Make sure you get high quality, recyclable vinyl products that are compliant with all regulations and below the formaldehyde limit as required by the state. Click the link to learn more about carb 2 compliance and the formaldehyde rules and regulations as it pertains to flooring.


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