Best Ways To Brighten Up Your Family Home

Best Ways To Brighten Up Your Family Home

When you have a family, you will become aware of how important a welcoming, light and bright home is. Sometimes, though, reality dawns on you that your spaces are not as bright as they once were, and they are, in fact, now looking a bit gloomy and sorry for themselves. If this is true about spaces within your home, then what can you do to brighten them up? Here are some ideas:


Best Ways To Brighten Up Your Family Home

Neutralise your décor

Dark décor and accessories can bring any room down, even the biggest of rooms, so don’t fall foul of this decorating error. Use light, warming and calming tones to brighten up even the darkest corners of your home. You mihgt like to take a look at my post on the best books on minimalism


Focus on your lighting

Poor lighting can let a room down. Table lamps are brilliant for creating an ambience but not very good at brightening up a whole room, so consider focusing on ceiling lights. A good ceiling light like a 5 arm chandelier or 3 bar spotlight will literally bounce light around every nook and cranny in even the darkest of spaces.


Consider new windows

Old and dated windows can let any room down. No matter what you try to do with your windows, you will ultimately find that you just need new wooden windows that will look fabulous and glorious even on a dark and gloomy day! New windows will make your space feel fresh and re-energized, and they will help with your energy efficiency too.


Introduce houseplants

Houseplants, whether a flowering variety or not, can brighten up a room; they can literally breathe new life into a room. A houseplant that is evergreen will ensure you have some colour and brightness in your room, even in the depths of winter.



Clutter and extra stuff lying around (that you are not really using) is one way to make a room look drab and dark. Spending time decluttering will make you feel better, and it will make spaces within your home look and feel better too. If something doesn’t have a place, then find one for it or get rid of it. Within a family home, it is essential to declutter regularly (on a weekly basis if you can) to ensure you don’t get random piles of stuff building up in every room of your house.


Rearrange your furniture

You don’t need to buy new furniture to brighten up a room; you just need to rearrange and possibly remove some pieces you currently have in the room you are working on. Lots of furniture within a room can make it feel small, claustrophobic and dark. Think carefully about what furniture you need within a room.

If you don’t use a piece, then it is just taking up valuable space. Remove it and see how you get on without it. If you don’t miss it, then move it to another room where you will use it, sell it, or donate it to charity. The same rule applies to ornaments. Lots of ornaments on shelves and windowsills can make spaces look heavy and cluttered, so get rid of ones that perhaps don’t hold any sentimental value.




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