Best ways to celebrate your anniversary

Whether it’s your 1 year anniversary or your silver 25th year anniversary, planning to celebrate your anniversary is important to show thoughtfulness to your partner and to enjoy the achievement and milestone that you have reached together. There are many fun, exciting and thoughtful ways you can celebrate your anniversary; here are the best ways to impress your partner on the special day.


Organise a holiday

Celebrating an anniversary can be even more fun when done abroad. Either surprise plan a holiday getaway for you and your partner for your anniversary or come together and plan where you would like to jet away to celebrate your achievement. There are many popular romantic getaways around the world including Paris, the Maldives, and Italy.



Best ways to celebrate your anniversary

Plan a weekend away

If you are celebrating a slightly less significant anniversary, planning a weekend away could be enough to go the extra mile and surprise your partner. There are lots of great spots in the UK you can visit for a perfect weekend getaway, whether it’s in the heart of London, a weekend away to Manchester or a remote getaway in the Lake District.

When planning your weekend away, you will need to consider the type of trip you are aiming for. This will greatly depend on the type of hobbies you share with your partner, whether this is best suited to a spa weekend away in relaxation, a party weekend full of outings, or a remote hiking and adventure weekend. Choosing this correctly will make your anniversary weekend away one to remember for you and your loved one.

Best ways to celebrate your anniversary


Giving gifts is very common when celebrating anniversaries, but how can you separate your gift from any other gift your partner would get? Think about things they may have mentioned wanting for a long time, whether this is a ring they spotted in a shop window, or a necklace they’ve had open in a browser tab on their phone for months.

When it comes to giving gifts, the cost isn’t always the most important factor, giving a truly thoughtful gift is important. You can do this by getting them a special anniversary card along with a message written inside just for them.


Remake your first date

Revisit the spot where it all started, this will help you to bring back old memories and remember how far you’ve come on your journey together. Remaking your first date could also include ordering your partner the same thing they ordered on the date years ago, showing a real detail of thought into the date. Maybe you could hire a photo booth rental Austin have some awesome ones and you could recapture your first date?


Renew your vows

For those couples further down the line of marriage, your anniversary could be the perfect time to revisit and renew your wedding vows. This is a great idea for important anniversary milestones such as 10, 15 and 20-year. Renewing your vows allows you to revisit the feeling you had on your wedding day, refreshing and renewing the love you have for each other in marriage.


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