Black rice salad recipe

Today – black rice salad recipe

For lover s of a high protein vegetarian diet plan this super beautiful dish makes for a perfect gluten-free lunch. The black rice works so well with the vibrant colour of the carrots – it looks and tastes great!

I’ve layered over some hallumi but if you’re vegan than this black rice salad is just lovely without as well.

I often mix up a whole jam jar of the dressing and just use it as and when I need throughout the week. The dressing is made out of sesame oil, tamari sauce, minced garlic, grated ginger and a drop of honey or maple syrup to balance out the flavours.

I am a huge fan of tamari, it tastes almost the same as soy but it is your gluten free version and when you check the labels it is much much lower in sugars than your original soy. Tamari, just like soy, is also made from soybeans so if you are intolerant- stay away.

You shouldn’t need any salt for this dish as the hallumi and tamari are salty enough.


Black rice salad ingredients

2 portions

200g uncooked black rice

4 carrots, coarsley grated

1 handful of cashew nuts

1.5 packets of hallumi (sliced)

Black sesame seeds (only if you have any and if easy)


For the black bean rice salad dressing:

1 cloves of garlic, minced

3 cm piece of grated ginger

1 tbsp honey or maple syrup

3 tbsp tamari

2 tbsp sesame oil


Instructions for black rice salad recipe

Start by boiling your black rice. Studies suggest that a fairly high amount of arsenic is found in rice and the best way to get rid of as much of this as possible is to boil the rice in lots and lots of water and drain the excess off. So don’t worry about measuring out your water and rice ratio – use loads of water and then drain off the excess. Black rice usually takes between 35-40 minutes to cook but check your packet instructions. Once cooked, drain and leave to cool slightly.

In the meantime, peel and grate your carrots into a big serving dish.

Start making your dressing: Either grate your ginger and mince the garlic and mix all the other ingredients with it, or you could pop all of your ingredients into your blender (I use my nutri bullet) and whizz up. Set aside.

Cut the halloumi into 1/2 centimetre thick slices and pop under the grill so it slightly browns off.

Once the rice has cooled a little mix it with your grated carrots and pour over half of the dressing. Mix and taste. If you want the flavours to be more intense use more of the dressing, otherwise pop a lid on your jar and keep in the fridge for a few days to use on something else.

Sprinkle over cashew nuts, layer halloumi over the top and top off with black sesame seeds – if you have any!



I do hope you enjoy this black rice salad recipe

Dani Binnington is a cook and wellness warrior – and founder of, which is bursting with delicious, healthy recipes. See here for Dani’s Veggie Speltotto recipe


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  1. April 5, 2018 / 7:02 pm

    Thank you so much for featuring my recipe! It’s one of our favourite sides/ salads! Love Dani xx

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