Build-A-Bear Eevee Review

Build-A-Bear Eevee Review

So this past week my daughter turned 10. it was all  fabulous, a swimming party, lots of cake, family and friends and presents galore. She also got a bit of spending money. What a lucky girl she is…and she does understand that.

Build-A-Bear Eevee Review

We headed off into town to do a litle shopping and we ended up as we often do looking at the little outfits in Build-a-Bear. L has a much loved and very worn minion and she likes to get hm little accessories, with the new film coming out she was excited that Build-A-Bear woudl have lot sof minion accessories and bears back in stock.

She had her head swayed though buy the very gorgeous Eevee.

I’ll let her tell you all about it…


My favourites things about Build-A-Bear are:

  1. The quality of the plush toys is very good and they always ask for a really long time
  2. The experience of building and naming and choosing a heart a sound and an outrfit for your bear make this such a precious experience
  3. The staff are always and without exception really lovely to the kids

My daughters favourite three things about Build-A-Bear are

  1. The toys
  2. The staff
  3. The clothes

So we are pretty in tune with this one!

I have no doubt that we will be back again!





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