Can you decorate Noddy’s Hat ready for the Toytown summer festival? #NoddyChallenge

Noddy has been invited to Toytown’s annual summer festival and  doesn’t know what to wear. Bumpy dog has a new collar and even Revs the car has been freshly cleaned and polished. Noddy has a think about how he can look amazing too.

Aha! How about decorating his famous blue hat?


Can you help  him?

If you print off the picture of the hat and stick it on to card you can then set to work. Maybe you will go for a woodland walk and pick up fallen flowers and leaves and maybe a pinecone for the bell?

Maybe you will get out lots of brightly coloured paints and make Noddy the most colourful toy in Toytown. Or perhaps his hat should be all glittery?

It is totally up to you,

Do send me a photo of your creations, I cannot wait to see!


You can print your blank hat to decorate here Noddy’s summer festival hat

Here is one we did earlier…..


The Noddy Challenge

This is an entry into the Tots100 #NoddyChallenge Blogger Competition to win £500 in books from The Book People.

Do follow @tots100 and @TheBookPeople on Twitter and take a peek at all the other lovely Noddy crafts and activities parent bloggers have created by following the hashtag #NoddyChallenge






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