Car Safety Tips for Road Trips

Car Safety Tips for Road Trips

Top Car Safety Tips for Road Trips

Are you looking for car safery tips for road trips?

Keeping your family safe in the car on a long road trip is a concern for most drivers. Obviously, keeping to the legal speed limit and not using your mobile phone while driving all help to make your journey safer but there are several other safety tips that are worth following.

Do your checks

Make sure that you check your car over before the journey. Make sure that you have enough screen wash and that your oil level is ok. Also, think about your brakes and whether they have been maintained properly. It is easy to take brakes for granted because they are not visible, but they are vital for keeping you safe. If you can hear any noises when you brake or feel a vibration, then you need to get your brakes checked and repaired by tyre experts like the experts at Jet Wheel Tyre in Canvey. Defective brakes are the most common defect that contributes to serious road accidents so should be checked on a regular basis.


Avoid Distractions

Another safety tips to remember is to avoid distractions. This is particular important when driving with young children. You don’t want to be driving with children fighting each other in the back of the car or even climbing out of their seatbelts. So, deal with this by planning ahead and think of ways to occupy them. Maybe get them to pack a small bag with some of their favourite things so that they have something to do during the journey. You should also plan some breaks. This is important not just for your passengers but for you too. Driving can be tiring, and you should never drive while you are sleepy. You will not be concentrating properly, and your reaction time will be slower.

Tyre pressure

Before you set off on a road trip, you should also check your tyre pressure. Many people forget that it should be adjusted if you have a heavier load in the car. Incorrect tyre pressure can make the car use more fuel and will have an impact on your ability to stop quickly and safely particularly in the winter. Don’t forget either to make sure your tyres have enough tread left too. Pop into somewhere like  Jet Wheel Tyre in Canvey and get them checked if you’re not sure. Maintaining your brakes should be a priority but don’t neglect your tyres either. It all helps to ensure that your journey is safe and secure.



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