Creating a Trendy Teens Room on a Budget

All children’s bedrooms are important. Even when they are very young, they need a space that’s their own. Somewhere they are safe and free. Somewhere to play, to read, to go to sleep and to wake up. A room that is theirs, where they can close the door and explore their creativity alone, and where they can keep their personal treasures.


Trendy Teens Room


As children get older and approach their teenage years, their bedrooms become even more important. While very young children spend very little time alone in their rooms, teens spend most of their time at home in theirs. Usually with the door closed, doing their own thing away from their families.

Their bedrooms are no longer just a place to sleep. They are where they do homework, entertain friends, chat, play video games, relax, and even worry. More than ever, their bedroom is a haven from the world and a private space away from the rest of the family, while still protected and secure.

A teen’s room is one of many steppingstones between childhood and branching out alone, and few of them are happy to chill out in their childhood rooms. The good news is, while your teen’s room might need some upgrades, it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Here’s a look at some of the ways that you can create that all-important space, whatever your budget.


Stick to Block Colours

Painting the walls in block colours is cheap and easy. It’s a quick way to refresh a room and can make a huge difference to both the appearance and atmosphere.

If the room is small you might want to stick to lighter shades and brighter colours to open it up as much as you can. If you want to have a little fun a bold feature wall can be a great way to add a pop of colour without the expense or effort of wallpaper.


Add Patterns to Accessories for a trendy teens room

Patterns add energy and atmosphere as well as personality. Even simple patterns like geometric lines and shapes can be a great addition to any room.

Adding patterned accessories such as cushions, wall hangings, throws and lamps is a great way to work energy into the décor without the expense or effort of wallpapering or stencilling walls.


Buy Some Cheap Frames and Get Creative

Painting walls in block colours looks clean and fresh and saves money, but it can be a little plain.

Adding photos, posters and artwork to the walls is a great way to break up the colour and add some personality.

Putting these posters in frames adds sophistication and style and is a little more grown-up than putting posters ripped from magazines on the walls.

For a more unique touch frame wallpaper samples, fabrics, wrapping paper and other things that you find.

For a Trendy Teens Room  – Choose Neutral Furniture

Teens tastes change all the time, as do home décor trends. The last thing that you want is to spend a fortune on-trend, bold furniture.

Instead, opt for neutral colours and styles that match any décor and will last until your kids leave home.

If you want to be bolder with the furniture, sand down and paint what you’ve already got instead of buying new.

Add Blinds

Blinds are a fantastic way to make a room look more modern and mature, as well as making it easier to welcome in more natural light. Adding wooden window blinds from Make My Blinds can easily add style and sophistication, and Make My Blinds offer a huge range of colours and styles to suit any room. If you are looking for an easy way to finish your teen’s room off, try these blinds to complete the look.

Get Upcycling

Upcycling is a wonderful way to add a unique touch to a teens room, without spending a fortune on designer items and high-end products.

Either look at furniture that you already own, or spend some time exploring charity stores, second-hand shops and car boots looking for some fantastic deals that you can work with.

Upcycling can also be a fantastic chance to enjoy a project with your teenager.

Add Fun Lighting Options to a Trendy teens Room

Lighting can be great fun and your teen is bound to want an easy way to change the mood and atmosphere of their room. Neon wall lights, lamps, retro lava lamps and string lights can all look amazing in a teen’s room while giving them options.


trendy teens room

Create Zones

Your teen is bound to spend a lot of time in their room, doing different things. So, give them all the space that they need, to do everything they want to. The bed is obviously key, but they might also need a desk to do homework, a chair to play games on, and a comfy corner to read in.

The zones that you can create will depend on how big the room is and how much space you have available, but they should at least have somewhere to sit and read, a bookshelf and a desk or worktop for study.

Add Texture and Depth with Soft Furnishings

The function of the bedroom changes as we get older. As adults, we sleep in our rooms and spend most of our waking time in other areas of the home. Younger children use their rooms to sleep and to play. Teens have differing needs.

That means that their rooms shouldn’t just look like bedrooms. They should look like mini lounges or hang out spaces. Adding texture and depth with cushions, rugs, throws and blankets can easily give a bedroom more.

Change the Bed Linen

The bed is the focus of a teen’s room. It’s where they watch TV, sit to play games, hang out with friends and chill on their own. Even if you add extra seating for guests, most of the time, they’ll gravitate towards the bed.

So, use it as a focal point. Updating the bed linen is an easy way to update your teen’s room to suit their current tastes and in-demand trends, without having to spend a fortune. Make sure that any linen you buy is soft and comfortable, then add plenty of throws and cushions so that they can wrap up easily.

Add Appropriate Storage

Most teens will need somewhere to store clothes and books, but any extra storage they need will depend on their personality and lifestyle. Some teens will want a tidy space to keep makeup. Others will need room for craft supplies. Some might need space to hang sportswear.

Make sure your teen has the storage solutions that they need, not just generic options.

Welcome Their Personality

Decorating a teen’s room can be tricky. Some teenagers will want to get stuck in and make their mark. They’ll join upcycling projects and even start some on their own. They’ll hunt for bargains, prepare artwork and crafts to hang and take the lead on creating their room.

Others will at least offer up some input. They’ll look online with you, share their ideas, and give you plenty of guidance on what they want.

Then, there are the teens that aren’t remotely interested. Or at least they say they aren’t, until you add something that they don’t like, or choose a colour that’s old fashioned or outdated.

Whatever group your teen falls into, it’s important that you consider their taste and personality. Encourage them to bring their own ideas in, and always consider what they would like when you plan or purchase.

Whatever your plans for your teen’s room, make sure you speak to them and consider their needs and wants before committing to anything.



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