Days Out for Grandparents and Grandchildren

Days out for grandparents and grandchildren are absolutely golden.

I have very precious memories of days out with my grandparents.

We didn’t have a lot of days out as a family as we had no car and my granny was a wheelchair user and had assorted health issues. Occasionally we would go the park or out for a walk by the river and take a picnic. How precious these days were to me.


Days Out for Grandparents and Grandchildren

We would even, on very rare occasions, get the train to the seaside. Back in the 1970’s getting a train as a wheelchair user was no easy feat but we did it anyway and oh, what lovely days we had. We usually went to Skegness or Mablethope on the Lincolnshire coast. We would sometimes stay overnight in  caravan and we would often have a donkey ride too. We always went into the penny arcades and ate huge amounts candyfloss and ice cream. And, in my memories, granny would wear a lovely hat and we would all be so happy.


 My children’s experiences

My children have had the most marvellous days out with their grandparents too and have been so lucky. Favourite places they have been to include Harry Potter World, outdoor theatre trips, days out in the countryside and visit to castles and stately homes and country parks. They have built dens  and been on bike rides and had endless picnics.

How fabulous.

Days out for grandparents and grandchildren bring brilliant memories that we store up and cherish together. They are, most definitely, to be encouraged.



Access and Mobility on Days Out for Grandparents and Grandchildren

Days out when you have access issues can be tricky but my key advice (and this is something we always did with my granny) was to check ahead that your access needs will be met. For example, if you are a wheelchair user you might want to make sure where you want to eat has a ramp, a great accessible toilet and room for a wheelchair.  Do pre-book assistance on the trains and reserve your seats ahead of time. Be unapologetic about asking for the help you need and be assertive. It will make your days out with your grandchildren run so much more smoothly.

Memories need to be made and mobility issues should not prevent this!

If you are an older person who needs support with access or mobility do check out Age UK mobility for wonderful products and resources.


Days Out for Grandparents and Grandchildren

The benefits of days out

Long lovely days out are the stuff we remember, they bring time for bonding and shared experiences and they bridge that generation gap.  Well worth making time for.



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