Dressing sexy without stressing out

Without confidence, it is impossible to consider dressing sexy. Your can put on everything the stores and magazines tell you is a sexy dress, but if you are uncertain about yourself while wearing it, the look will never be complete. Sexiness is not about flashing skin and wearing skimpy outfits, but about the attitude with which you wear that sexy dress (which need not be flimsy!). Let’s clear up some more misconceptions!


Shoes to not walk a mile in

Although the jury is still out about their comfort level, there is no denying that wearing a pair of heel immediately make you feel sexy. They don’t have be insanely high, or make you feel uncertain of your footing. A small heel, or even wedges, can create a bit of lift in an outfit, that will give you just the right confidence boost to strut your stuff!

Adding a pair of heels to an everyday dress can transform it into a sexy dress in seconds, simply by adjusting how your carry yourself in the outfit! Pick a dress in a darker shade if you have any doubt about what colour to pick, add some heels, and voila! Instant sexy dress, when you least expected it!

Dressing sexy – Pick a design for your body type

Even if you believe that you have your personal style figured out, I have a challenge for you: next time you find yourself in a store, try on something that doesn’t fall within your traditional idea of what works on you!

You don’t need to go completely off the rails and stress yourself out, either – picking a different neckline to what you would normally have worn, or trying a different length to what you’re accustomed to can take not only your body, but also your headspace into a brand new area. Where’s the fun in fashion if you don’t take chances?

Perhaps you’ve been overlooking the perfect sexy dress for your body type all along!


dressing sexy

Create your own look

A fairly simple dress can be boosted by adjusting the look to one with a deep neckline. Sexy doesn’t mean fancy, and it is perfectly possible to dress up a regular dress with the right accessories to complete your look. From the right jewellery for the occasion, to the bag, sunglasses, hat, and watch (although admittedly – maybe not all at once!), the end result of your outfit is up to your own personal taste. A gorgeous locket can be a beautiful addition to your outfit or how about a personalised necklace with your loved ones name on?

Finally, please remember the following when looking for the right components to finish your outfit: sexy does not mean trashy, and classy does not mean prudish. It is far sexier to opt for a classy outfit that shows bit less, than to let it all hang out in a cheap-looking number.  Secondly, always make sure that you dress for your age. Mutton dressed as lamb is an unfortunate, but realistic saying, and there’s nothing worse than watching a mature woman trying get away with a trend designed for teenagers. Own your age and your body type, whatever that may be, and wear your outfit like you mean it!


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