5 Essentials to Pack in Your Baby Changing Bag

Essentials to Pack in Your Baby Changing Bag

When you first have a baby, you can find yourself constantly worrying about whether you have all the things you need in your changing bag to take care of your little one when on the move. Most mums end up with an endless number of items to pack into their bags, just on the off chance that they may be needed at some point throughout the day. However, it isn’t always necessary to carry a mountain of items around with you and you may find that just a few of the basic essentials are enough to see you through the day. To make this even easier for you, we have put together this list of five essentials that you should always pack in your baby changing bag, ready for a fun day out.


When it comes to going out for the day with your baby, it is important that you have plenty of tissues on hand for those inevitable spillages and accidents that will take place. No matter how well-behaved your baby is or how well planned you are when going out with the pram and changing bag, there will always by accidents. So, it is important that you have tissues on hand to clean yourself and your baby up, no matter what happens. You can get both wet and dry tissues so that no matter what disaster occurs, it can quickly be averted.

Bibs, Bibs, and more Bibs

You can never have enough bibs in your changing bag, as they will come in handy in a wide range of occasions. Whether you can’t trust your little one to have a bottle or something to eat without covering themselves in it, or you want to protect their outfit from being covered in dribble, then having plenty of bibs to hand will be a lifesaver. You should consider investing in a neckerchief dribble bib that has two hidden layers of towelling. This will last all day while making sure that your baby always looks great.

Foldable Changing Mat

You never know when or where your baby will need their nappy changing, so it is important that among your baby changing bag essentials, you have a good quality foldable changing mat on hand. This is an essential so that you know you can easily and cleanly change your baby without too much stress while out and about.

Nappies, Wipes, and Cream

While having nappies is an obvious changing bag essential, it is also important that you have nappy wipes and cream on hand as well, in case of any unexpected nappy rashes while you are out of the house.

Change of Clothes

Babies are nothing if not unpredictable; do yourself a huge favour and always prepare for the worst. Always have a change of clothes with you just in case!

It is important that you spend some time carefully considering the essentials that your baby will need, as a well-prepared changing bag can make all the difference and will make going out with your baby a whole lot easier.


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