Finding your interior style: Three modern room inspirations

Designing your own bedroom can be overwhelming at times. You want to get it just right. You need to scour the web for inspiration on Pinterest, social media and digital magazines. You can explore different styles and trends – from minimalist to rustic. You need to find the interior style that speaks to you and reflects your personality.

The bedroom is your personal space. It should feel like you. Spend some time researching different styles and building a mood board. You could combine a few interior trends together.

Here are three modern room inspirations to kick off your design process.


modern room inspirations

Modern rustic cabin

Rustic is all about warmth, texture and wooden features. Wood-slat walls add plenty of natural texture to the space and a boost of character. You should also think about practicality. Install fitted wardrobes into the bedroom to store your belongings and keep the space organised.

You can make wood the standout feature of your cabin room and use soft furnishings to make it feel cosy. Don’t be afraid to play around with reclaimed wood from all kinds of places. The more texture and character it has, the better!


Boho chic

Boho is a little more eclectic and free-spirited. Try to draw on the items you already have at home and things you’ve collected from around the world. You might have a vase from Africa, a few seashells from Bali and a stunning rug from Morocco. Use the stories behind each piece to inspire the rest of the room. Incorporate different colours and patterns in the room with cushions and throws. The boho style is arguably the most personal of them all. Finish with a hanging plant or two to breathe some life into the room.


modern room inspirations


Hygee is a Scandinavian concept that refers to a quality of cosiness and contentment. You could add a few candles and warm lights to the room. Stick to yellow bulbs over harsh white LED ones. You want the room to feel welcoming and cosy. Hang a few fairy lights around the space, and drape throws over the bed. Hygee is all about the feel of the room instead of the exact décor. It should feel safe, warm and like home.


Find your interior style by experimenting with different materials, colours and patterns. Once you have found the right aesthetic, you can start to fill the space with your belongings. Your bedroom should be your haven.


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