Flooring ideas for a family home

Today – flooring ideas for a family home


Flooring ideas for a family home


When it comes to deciding on how to decorate your family home there are many things you will need to consider.  Storage, safety and style are probably high on your list and flooring ideas probably never quite get the consideration they so rightly deserve.

Flooring ideas are worth exploring in some depth before you make your choices.

Flooring really matters in a family home and if you get it wrong it can be a costly and annoying mistake – so let’s take a look at what you need to do to make sure you get it right.


What are the best flooring ideas for a family home?

Let me talk you through the flooring ideas we explored and the choices we ultimately made.


Flooring ideas for a family home – Carpet

I chose carpet throughout my home when my children were newborn, I thought it would be the softest and most comfortable floating for them and I didn’t, in all honesty, think much further than that.

A year down the line my beautiful carpets were covered, absolutely covered in Calpol stains and even the occasional (well-scrubbed but immovable) poo and even sick stains. The fact I had also chosen beige carpets was really adding insult to injury and honestly? It made our house look a state.


Flooring ideas



I was embarrassed and disappointed when people came round and I didn’t want my baby crawling on something that so obviously had stains on it. I tried steam cleaning my carpets but all stains came out and there were soon new ones anyway.

Who knew a tiny baby could make so much of a mess! They look so fresh, clean and teeny, don’t they!



Flooring ideas for a family home – Wooden Floors

Wooden floors are beautiful but oh my goodness they can be pricey. The cost off a new baby far exceeded our expectations and there was no way we could replace our stained carpets with wooden floors. In fact, we didn’t even want too.

With all the bumps and knocks from pushchairs and baby walkers and the constant problem with stains, wooden floors didn’t add up to be the best choice for us either.


Flooring ideas for a family home – Laminate Floors



Laminate flooring was our ultimate choice for our family home because not only does it look good it has all the practical and cost benefits a young family requires. They are easy to wipe up spills form so in the bathroom and the kitchen they are ideal for young families.

I even found the hallways with muddy boots and pram wheels laminate flooring just made life so very easy to clean. It’s durability meant it could withstand the pressure of family life too

We have a cat and laminate is extremely pet friendly, it withstood scratching and hairballs – another big plus!

Compared to carpets and to wooden flooring laminate flooring is much cheaper so this was a bonus too. It is certainly easier to DIY laying laminate flooring than the other options us saving us even further money.

As flooring choices for a family home go laminate is excellent and it has certainly worked for us.


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