Four Animal Attractions to See in Florida

Four Animal Attractions to See in Florida


Florida is a popular family holiday destination. Not only is it warm and sunny in the summer months, but there’s such a wide range of things to do that no one will get bored. There is something for everyone!

If you or your little ones are animal lovers and fascinated by them, you’re in luck as there’s plenty for you to see throughout the Sunshine State. Here are just four attractions where you can learn more about our animal friends with your family, and you can plan your trip before you go.


Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World

If you’ve gone to Florida for your family holiday, you’re more than likely to be staying in Orlando for some of your trip. And if you’re in Orlando, you’re almost certainly going to Walt Disney World at some point. Apart from spotting Mickey and his other animal friends at the parks, you can also take a trip to Animal Kingdom while you’re there.

When you go, head straight for the Kilimanjaro safari rides. Not only will it be quieter early in the mornings, but the animals will be a bit more active than they may be when the weather starts to heat up.


SeaWorld, Orlando

As well as the huge range of sea life, you can get up close to animals native to the Arctic and Antarctic at SeaWorld. There are plenty of special things you can experience together, too, such as feeding penguins and learning how to care for the animals at the park. SeaWorld also runs day camps for children who want to find out more about these animals.

If you’re certain you want Sea World tickets in Florida, then book them before you go. It’ll also mean you won’t have any disappointed children (or adults) in your group.


Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary

Not in Orlando? No problem! If you’re in south west Florida, have a walk through the wilderness of the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary near Naples. Keep your eyes out for the likes of alligators, the beautiful birds, plus other flowers and plants.

You can wander the boardwalk yourself or go on one of the many guided tours the centre offers to its visitors. There are plenty of programmes and events that go on throughout the year, so you won’t be disappointed even if you visit the area out of the summer season. You can also experience the sanctuary after hours to see animals you might not normally see during the day.


Everglades National Park

This part of Florida is famous for one animal: alligators! But that’s not the only species you can spot in this national park.

You and your children can see this and many other animals in their natural habitat, such as frogs, toads, turtles and insects. There will be plenty of birds soaring across the skies as well, so have a look up as well as across the lands. You could even draw up a list of animals to spot and make an adventure of the day.


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