Four Tips for Making a Great Baby Room

Whether you are expecting a child, thinking of having one, or have just given birth to a new baby, you are probably thinking of how to make their nursery as great as it possibly can be. You will want your baby to live in an aesthetically pleasing yet comfortable and safe environment. In this guide, we will outline how you can make that a reality. Read on below for four key tips we recommend to make a great room for your newborn baby.


Four Tips for Making a Great Baby Room

Soft Lighting

To make your baby grow up healthily and happily, we would recommend lighting the room in a soft and comforting way. Bright lights might be bad for a baby as they can easily make them anxious and feel unsafe. That’s why you should avoid naked bulbs in favour of a diffused light that is easy on your baby’s eyes. Try and avoid a nightlight also, as this has been shown to have a negative effect. This should be combined with a dimmer, creating a relaxing atmosphere that will help the baby sleep. Head to an electrical supply shop to find the right materials to make the room as peaceful as it can be.


Install a Baby Monitor

Being able to hear your baby when they are in another room is a must. They may keep you up all night — an eventuality you have probably prepared for — but a baby monitor allows you to hear if anything is wrong with your baby and to attend to their needs quickly. The worst event that can befall a parent is not quickly helping their baby in a moment of crisis. Avoid that by always knowing exactly how your baby is doing.


Paint The Room

This is a great chance to get very creative and make a truly beautiful room for your new born baby.

Give them a bright and vibrant environment that will stimulate their senses when they are awake and give them things to look at. Paint things onto their ceiling that they can look up at as they grow, and identify when they start to speak.

If you are heavily pregnant, it’s best not to paint the room yourself but to ask your partner for help or pay for a professional service. However, if you do feel up to the task, you can use the opportunity to connect with your partner over making the perfect room for your child to grow up in.


Four Tips for Making a Great Baby Room

Fill it With Soft Surfaces

Filling the room with soft surfaces kills two birds with one stone: not only does it provide a good-looking environment that will suit your baby’s well-being, but it will also create a safe space that will protect them in the instance of falls. These include blankets, pillows, bumper pads, and even stuffed animals, creating a relaxing and happy space for your baby to grow up in. However, do be careful about too many soft surfaces in the crib as they can raise the chances of accidental suffocation.


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