Hardware 101: Everything you need to know about steel shims.

Whether you want to learn more about hardware in general or have recently heard about shims and are wondering what these are, today is your lucky day. With the help of Speedy Fixings, steel shims specialists, I’m sharing everything and anything about steel shims.

Who are Speedy Fixings?

Speedy Fixings is a UK-based supplier and manufacturer of a variety of hardware and fixings to the construction, civil engineering and other similar industries. As Paternal Damnation comments “They are a local fixings and hardware business that stock (almost!) anything and everything you will ever need for your next DIY job.”

What are steel shims?

Steel shims or steel packers are spacers used to fill gaps between objects. Shims can be made of various materials besides steel, including plastic shims. Shims also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This includes square shims, horseshoe shims, rectangular shims and many more.

What are steel shims used for?

By filling unwanted spaces, shims offer added support, a better fit and “provide precise levelling.” explains Science Direct. These are used for a variety of applications in industrial and construction settings. For instance, an InterNACHI Inspection Community forum member shared that steel shims were used to level out this house’s piers. Another member on this forum shared that it was a “very common practice and perfectly acceptable” as the steel shims are there to “make everything flat and level.”


Where to buy steel shims?

I’d highly recommend buying metal shims, steel packers, stainless steel shims or any other packers and shims at Speedy Fixings. Plus, if you need any assistance or advice, their highly knowledgeable team will be able to help.


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