House Cleaning – Professional Tips

There are two options for cleaning the house, according to professionals. Check those two methods and see which one works best for you!

House Cleaning – Professional Tips

The portioned method

The first is the “portioned” method. This is when you, coming home from work, do some part of the cleaning and so on throughout the week. For example, today you clean the bathroom, tomorrow – the toilet, the day after tomorrow – the kitchen, and so on. Some people like this way of cleaning. It’s convenient for them to allocate a little time every day than to give them the whole day to clean. The house is constantly maintained clean and tidy. However, not everyone can withstand cleaning the house every day, and then they choose the second cleaning option.

There are things that you just need to do every day. For example, wash dishes. If this is not done, then in a couple of days a whole mountain of dishes will be typed up and you still have to wash it, no matter how you like.

Comprehensive cleaning

The second cleaning option is “comprehensive”. One day a week is dedicated for complex cleaning, and cleaning is carried out from beginning to end, regardless of the time taken. This is the same as cleaning in a new apartment if you have moved. Most people do not feel like cleaning up after a long day at work. They need to relax, take a shower, go to bed or on a sofa near the TV. Therefore, cleaning is mainly done on weekends.

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In order for the cleaning not to take up much time and effort, it is necessary to correctly distribute the work and correctly carry out the cleaning itself. For example, you can first wash the floor, and then brush away all the dust and dirt from the cabinets or the table onto a clean floor. Therefore, in order not to do the work several times, think about what and in what sequence you will do.

To clean faster, raise your spirits. For example, turn on the music. With a good mood, it is more pleasant to clean, and the cleaning will end faster.

After cleaning, you can reward yourself with something. For example, prepare something tasty before you start cleaning and set yourself the goal that it can only be eaten after all the work is done to restore order and cleanliness. You can also put the baked dish in the oven for a couple of hours and give yourself the setting that you need to finish cleaning while the dish is baked. So that nothing distracts you, turn off all the phones, do not be distracted by the Internet. After all, this is the very stability that our children sometimes lack so much.


Get everyone involved

You can also attract the whole family to the cleaning, having previously distributed responsibilities. Remember one thing – the sooner you start, the sooner you finish. House cleaning can and should bring joy, and does not become for you something tragic and overwhelming. Remember the simple rule – did the thing, go boldly. Do not put off until later, do it today, not tomorrow. Choose only the agency that seems to you sufficiently solid and reliable, capable of not only fully providing all the necessary safety measures, but also fully satisfying all your wishes regarding your future assistant and nanny for the baby.



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