How dating has changed

How we used to date

It is so interesting looking back at how we used to date.

When I first started dating I was at school and what would happen was usually something like this.

A boy would get his friend to ask one of my friends if I would possibly go out with him.

I would reply yes or no and it would be relayed back.

If it was a yes we’d go out on a date (normally to the park) and decide if we liked each other or not and it would all go from there. Very, very simple but usually involving a chain of people and initiated by a boy. At university,

It continued in much the same vein and then again through work. Often the boys/men by this stage would do the asking themselves though!

I only ever asked one boy out myself and he said no! He said he actually really like my best pal and would I put in a word for him. Complete and utter heartbreak ensued as they got together and stayed together for YEARS!

Oh blimey being assertiveness in dating was not for me in my younger years and dates happened by chance really for me! and I know this was the same for a lot of my friends too. It was all rather ha[hazard and you were very lucky to find a suitable partner. And oh my, I found SO MANY unsuitable ones along the way.

It was a minefield!



Dating in our 40’s

Dating has changed tremendously over the last 20 years and things are so different these days. Friends of mine who are back out on the Older Dating scene are surprised at how very different it is. The journey into dating is no longer so random and opportunistic and it no longer involves friends and family quite as much. Both men and women are now equally assertive and initiating dating and many of those dates are clearly planned and chosen.

There are sites like Older Dating dedicated to senior dating where the minimum age is 40, they maintain their dedicated dating site is ‘specifically tailored to senior singles, allowing them to meet other like-minded singles.’  How much easier does this make dating using a site like this?


What my friends say…

When you venture into the dating world again in your 40s, it’s normal to feel a mix of emotions and uncertainties. That’s where a male companion can step in and make a difference. 

My friends that use sites like this have had lots of fun dates with people they have hand chosen due to shared interests and similar or attractive to them personalities. This has meant that rapport is usually pretty good and dates are easier now than they recall them being back in their twenties. They have also loved the fact that as women they are forging their own destiny rather than waiting to be asked on a date. They are making their life happen and as mature women this makes them happy and helps them feel in control. They also report back that they like no family or friends are involved in the  process of you finding a date so if it does not work there is not future awkwardness

So what is their verdict? Is dating better now?

Most of my friends felt that dating these days was easier actually and they felt more in control of it  – and that can only be a good thing!

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