How to buy a staircase to suit your family home

Today – How to buy a staircase to suit your family home

How to buy a staircase


Do you ever think about your staircase? I have to say no one ever talks much about their staircase, do they? But a staircase is so central to our home design and we use it so very much.

It is often a part of our home that we just do not attend to and would you even know how to buy a staircase? It certainly is an often neglected area that we rarely consider in a home redesign or refresh. But, it really doesn’t have to be complicated. Did you know you can buy ready made stairs online uk delivered to your exact specifications? And they aren’t even that tricky to install.

How to buy a staircase and why would you?

When you have children your home can suddenly feel a whole lot smaller.  Toys, cots, changing tables and toiletries can make a spacious home feel stuffed full.. Prams and pushchairs clutter up our hallway and a once-loved home can feel cramped and pokey.

There are some obvious fixes such as store things well, add mirrors for extra light and a feeling of spaciousness..and then there the not so obvious changes you could make. Opening up your hall so the clutter of your baby does not make it feel tiny could really help you feel you have more space. This is where a spiral staircase may really benefit you. It is such a space saver ( oh and of course they do look super cool too)  It is so much cheaper and far less hassle than moving!

Over at  Fontanot UK, you can find a range of spiral staircases that are easy to assemble and available in various dimensions, these staircases come as a kit and DIY is possible or an installation service is available. Doesn’t it sound way less complicated than you might have imagined?

You can just pop online put in your dimensions and plan a staircase to suit you.


Keeping your home stylish when you have kids

The arrival of kids absolutely does encourage us to be more practical in our home and addition like new space-saving staircases and great storage are smart solutions.

But (and I think this is so important) you can still have a home that is stylish and contemporary and one that you are proud of. You need to consider your purchases and alterations carefully, be practical but considered in any adaptations you make and make sure they are in keeping with your style.

It is still your home and just as you suddenly shouldn’t stop caring about how you look because you have kids the same goes for your home – yes be practical but also BE YOU and let your style shine on. You may found my house cleaning tips useful too!

I hope you have found this post on how to buy a staircase to suit your family home to be useful. You might also like my post on getting ready for the big bed – and more home design changes you will need to make as your family grow



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