How to Child Proof Your Home Decor

When you have children, you need to do all you can to keep them safe and happy, and a top priority for any parent with that in mind is ensuring their home décor is child-proof. The added benefit of thinking about this and putting any plans in place to make things safer is that your home will keep looking great while you also take care of your children in a loving, careful way. The great news is that child-proofing your home doesn’t mean you can’t still have trendy and stylish décor – read on to find out more so you understand how to keep everyone safe and enjoy the interior designs you’ve chosen.


Use Hard-Wearing Materials

Some materials are much more hard-wearing than others, and if you want to child-proof your home décor, opting for the most robust materials you can find (that still look fantastic) is the best thing you can do. In this way, no matter how much wear and tear they might receive, they’ll keep looking their best for as long as possible.

One excellent idea is to choose tiles from rather than carpets or even wooden floors. They’ll last for years, and it will be very hard for a child to cause any damage to them, even if they drop food and drink, for example.


Easy To Clean Materials

If there’s one thing you know as a parent, it’s that children make a mess everywhere they go. Even if you don’t know how they do it, it’s a fact that there will usually be a trail of messy crumbs, toys, clothes, and so on around your home.

You’ll be spending plenty of time clearing up, so you don’t want to add to the list of chores by having materials in your home that are particularly hard to clean. Choose easy-to-clean things instead, and it will make life much easier. The tiles mentioned above are an excellent example, but you can also have wipe clean wallpaper, and you can make sure you avoid any glossy surfaces that are bound to show fingerprints and smudges – you’ll still need to clean them, but the mess won’t be quite so obvious.


Darker Colours

You won’t want your home to be too dark, as it will feel small and cramped, and when there are children around and lots of toys and other items, that’s the last thing you’ll want. However, choosing darker colours in some areas can be a good idea if you balance them out with lighter colours elsewhere.

Darker colours can hide a multitude of stains and messes, so using them where your children play and in high-traffic areas can save you a lot of time. Giving these areas a deep clean once every month is much easier than having to clean everything every day because you can see so much mess on lighter-coloured walls, floors, and furniture.


Remember, you don’t have to make things too dark, so think carefully about your choices. Something like charcoal grey or earth tones can be perfect, and they’ll not only be practical but stylish too.


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