How to Create Strong Parent-Child Relationships

Strong parent-child relationships are crucial for the child’s development. They help children determine whether they are loved, safe and secure, and it is the basis upon which they build future relationships. Additionally, strong parent-child relationships make parenting easier since children who are more connected to their parents are more likely to follow instructions and directions, help and listen. Here are some ways to create strong parent-child relationships and bonds.


Strong Parent-Child Relationships


Tell and Show Them You Love Them

Telling your children that you love them can significantly impact their lives and future relationships. While many parents do not see it as necessary to vocalise it because it is implied, it is crucial to do so with a simple, “I love you”.

It can be difficult to tell your child you love them when they are doing something wrong or are being difficult, but these situations present opportunities to tell them that you love them so they know you do unconditionally.

In addition to telling your children you love them, you need to show them. Loving affection and human touch are crucial for every stage of life as well as a child’s neurobiological and emotional development. Something as simple as a hug can make a huge difference. Use every opportunity to provide your children with a human touch and show them you love them.

Be Available without Distractions

It might seem simple enough, but spending time with your children can make a significant difference in their lives. Setting aside 10 minutes to sit and talk with them can teach good communication habits. It can also help them learn to trust you and know they can come to you at any time if they need to talk about something. Spending time with a child like this also helps them know they are a priority, despite whatever else is happening or the different stressors and distractions around you.

Being available and distraction-free is also crucial for foster carers since foster children sometimes withdraw, do not know how to talk to adults, or do not trust them due to what they have been through. If you spend enough time with them without being pushy, they will eventually learn to trust and open up to you.

If you need additional support in bonding with your foster child, you can find the support you need through foster care agencies like where you can also connect with other parents going through the same thing.

Play with Them

Play should not only be a physical activity, as it can also be a learning tool. Play can be essential for the development of language, communication and social skills, expressing emotions and fostering imagination and creativity.

The key to using it to strengthen parent-child relationships is getting on the floor and play with your children. It does not matter what you play or the activities you engage in as long as you enjoy each other’s company, and you give them undivided attention.

Strong, healthy parent-child relationships are crucial for a child’s development, confidence, and self-esteem. It also shows that you care about them and can help build trust between a parent and child. Additionally, these strong bonds can make it easier for your child to come to you whenever they need anything.


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