How to Find a Public Speaker

Today we are going to take a look at how to hire a public speaker and why you might need one.

We all have so many things to juggle don’t we from parenting to work, to being part of our community. Then there are our hobbies, our friendships and our interests, our wider families, our political interests and so on. Life can be multitasking mayhem and it is my job with this blog to help you simplify it as best you can, whether at home at work or socially.

In your job or within a role you uphold in your community you may sometimes have to source a public speaker. Perhaps you are on the PTA and need to source a speaker for graduation? Have you been wondering how to find a public speaker?

I used to be a member of  a private library and from time to time I would have to source speakers for events. I would spend hours and hours doing this and it could lead to lots of fruitless contacts of people who were unavailable, no longer interested in speaking or out of our price range.

I found the whole process most frustrating.

How to Find a Public Speaker

How to Find a Public Speaker

It is so much more convenient to be able to go to one source where you know speakers have availability, you can read their bio and see their price range. Clarity cuts out hours of wated research and makes your job in finding a public speaker 100x easier. For example you may look here if you are after  political speakers there is a great price range to pick from and huge stars to less well known.

For 50k apparently I could book Bob Geldof to come and speak at my kids school about political activism. Now funds probably wouldn’t run to that but OMG can you imagine hearing him share his live aid stories!

Through the same speakers bureau I could also book Richard Branson for the school careers fair to show how he made his way to being a multi billionaire. That would be a cool 50k too though so I possibly need to rethink. I would imagine he is more used to corporate events. But you know all is not lost. I have discovered Will Young is only 5-10k and wouldn’t he make a birthday bash super special singing a very lovely happy birthday to a die hard fan..

Anyway what I am trying to say is that a speakers bureau is the way to go if you are wondering how to find a public speaker. It cuts out on a HUGE amount of hassle and makes life so much easier and that what we all need isn’t it?


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