How to help your teenager once they pass their driving test

Are you wondering how best to help your teenager  once they pass their driving test ? There are a few ways you can help them to give them the very best support in both practical and emotional terms.

How to help your teenager once they pass their driving test

How to help your teenager once they pass their driving test

Be confident

No matter how you really feel do try to convey to your teen that you believe in their ability to drive even if inside you feel nervous. They have passed their test and proved to an examiner they can do it and you need to trust in that. If you are a bag of nerves about them driving off in your or their car for the first t few times then they will also be nervous.

You need to get across that you believe in them and you trust they can do this. If you fire off a million warnings at them they could end up on edge and it could affect their confidence and ultimately their driving capacity. So swallow that endless advice they know how to drive. Emotions are contagious so be mindful of those you express.


Get them some P plates.

The green P on the plates stands for probationary but it doesn’t mean you teen is restricted in their driving. It just lets other drivers know they are new to this and be patient with them. These can be invaluable and could make all the difference to your teens initial driving experiences.


Ensure they have safety kit

Make sure they have a phone and a phone battery charger with them, insurance details, a bottle of water and a blanket just in case. Make sure they know how to check the vehicle is safe and petrol tank full. Breakdowns do happen and they are best to be prepared. Do run through various scenrios with them and ensure they know what to do if something goes wrong.


Be their back up plan

Let them know no matter what happens when they drive; a bump, running out of petrol, getting lost – whatever happens that they can always call you any time of day or night. Also ensure they have your number somewhere on them other than their phone in case it dies.

Get a GPS tracker

Consider getting a PAJ GPS tracker for the car they will be driving.

It is a brilliant way to bring you both peace of mind and security as your teen sets out as a sole driver.  It enables you to  track the real-time location of your vehicle and recover it in case of an emergency, It is so easy to install but has brilliant features that really will help your teen keep safe.


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