How to Make Yarn Sticks

How to make yarn sticks

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One of my very favourite crafting materials is sticks. The main reason for this is the fact they are free and abundant, and engage children in lovely nature walks to collect them. I also love the uniqueness and diversity of sticks and the array of colours and textures they come in.


There are many crafts you can make with sticks, and do click through here if you’d like to see some of my other ideas (link). Today though, we are going to look at making yarn sticks, a relaxing and simple craft that both adults and children enjoy.

What you’ll need to make Yarn Sticks

A collection of sticks (not too thick)

Various colours of wool/string


Glue (optional)



Instructions on how to make yarn sticks

  1. Cut a length of wool/string about 50 cm long and tie it near to the top of your stick with a simple knot.
  2. Begin wrapping the yarn round and round the stick, as you gradually work your way down, make sure this is nice and tight!
  3. When you have used up all that yarn cut another piece of another colour and tie it on to the end of the first piece of string and keep on wrapping.
  4. Continue adding new colours and wrapping until 2/3 of your stick is covered in yarn.
  5. Tie off the yarn and cut off the excess wool/string.
  6. Make several of these and display in a jam jar.

Now isn’t that just the most relaxing craft is knitting for the unskilled!

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