How to remove a tree safely from your garden

Let’s take a look at how to remove a tree safely from your garden


 How to remove a tree safely from your garden


Having trees can be hugely beneficial for your garden. As well as being interesting design features, they can provide homes for birds and other wildlife, provide a natural climbing frame for children and create a sense of privacy if your garden is exposed to passersby. However, you might have a tree that you would like to be removed from your garden. For instance, it could be rotten and hazardous to children, or blocking out too much natural sunlight from your home. Read on to find out how to remove a tree safely from your garden.


Check if you need permission

Before you break the chainsaw out, check to see if you need official permission to remove the bothersome tree. The tree might have a Tree Preservation Order placed on it – that is, a written protection on trees that offer amenity value to the public – or you might live in a Conservation Area. In both of these cases you will have to apply to your local planning authority for permission to cut down the tree. Aside from this, you do not need permission to fell a tree if it is in your garden. However, remember that it is illegal to fell trees during bird breeding season, as to do so could result in the destruction of nests.


Ensure that you have the correct tools and expertise available

So, you have permission to remove the tree and it is not bird breeding season – time to fire up the chainsaw, right? The act of felling a tree is not a simple as it might appear. In addition to a chainsaw, you will require other tools such as an axe and felling wedge. You also need to consider the size of the tree that is being removed, as this impacts the felling technique and tools used. For instance, medium to large trees will require an axe and felling wedge, whereas you can get away with hand force for the smallest trees. If you are in any doubt, it is advisable to hire a local tree surgeon who can give you the confidence that your tree will be removed neatly, efficiently and, most importantly, safely.

Remove the tree stump

Don’t forget to remove the stump after the tree has been felled. An abandoned tree stump could lead to undesirable consequences such as fungal root rots, like honey fungus, and suckering (when new shoots grow from the trunk and roots). Smaller tree stumps can be pulled out with a winch and their root systems removed by hand, whereas larger stumps with an extensive root system will require removal with a mini excavator. Fill in the hole with mulch and topsoil enriched with nitrogenous fertiliser to make up for any loss of nutrients. You can also chemically remove a stump by using a tree stump killer. However, these only work when applied to freshly cut wood, so are best used immediately after felling. You will need to recut the wood if applying to dry wood.




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