How to Save Money on Your Family Trip to America

Today – How to Save Money on Your Family Trip to America

How to Save Money on Your Family Trip to America


Traveling anywhere in the world can become expensive, but throw your children into that mix, and the price suddenly goes significantly up. Especially when it comes to a destination like the USA, with so much to see and do you’re bound to worry regarding how much everything is going to cost.

However, it’s still possible to have a budget-friendly trip to America if you plan and make sensible, money-saving choices.

Here is a guide for protecting your finances when you’re planning that big trip to the US for your family.

Look for Online Deals

There are great deals to be found online for some of the big tourist attractions in America, such as the variety of theme parks. You can find Disney tickets in Orlando which offer great prices you wouldn’t find at the gate, and online discounts for families and children under certain ages are bonuses to look out for.

You should also be able to grab great deals on accommodation, flights, and any other activities you have planned if you look online in advance and at the right times.


Hire a Car

You’ll need a cost-efficient way to get around the US, and if you’re traveling with a large (or even a small) family, constantly paying for separate public transport tickets can easily add up. Hiring a car means you have a manageable, set price, and you only need to top up with fuel as required.

This also gives you the comfort of being able to travel at your own pace and pull over whenever you need to.

Remember: if you’re traveling from the UK, then Americans will drive on the opposite side of the road, so that’s a factor to consider when you’re planning your car rental.


Travel Outside of Peak Periods if You Can

The constant family-holiday battle for a lot of people is to try and avoid peak seasons and peak prices – which is, of course, virtually impossible when you must factor in school holidays. However, if your children are too young to have started school yet, or if there is any way you can avoid the peak travel periods, this will save you a significant amount of money with cheaper deals.


Eat Casually

The great thing about American cuisine is that there is something for everyone, meaning you don’t have to worry about picky eaters or having to pay more for fine dining. The USA has hearty and casual food perfect if you’re eating on a budget.


Limit Your Luggage

Checking in a high amount of baggage can instantly cause your travel price to shoot up. It may not always be possible to only take hand-luggage – especially if you’re having a two-week holiday – but if you can manage it, certainly do so. Limit what you take, especially if you are traveling in the warm weather and only need thin clothes.

Even if it’s just one person in the family taking hand-luggage, that’s still money saved on checking in a suitcase.




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