Key Steps to Changing a Diaper Hassle Free!

What is the first thing you think about when it comes to parenthood? Is it the wondrous innocence and play? Is it the night time feedings and family time? However you feel about it, one of the most important parts is toilet training and diapers. Whether you’re a first-time parent or a veteran to the art, you will find something in this article to make this somewhat unpleasant and most challenging task easy-breezy.

Key Steps to Changing a Diaper Hassle Free!

Stock up on the diapers
I’m not kidding. Hoard them like there’s going to be an apocalypse. When your baby is a newborn, they’ll go through diapers like there’s no tomorrow. Even when they are toilet training you will need to stockpile. Having literally just changed a diaper, only for it to be instantly filled, is a common occurrence for almost all parents.


Ensure you have extra on hand

As I mentioned in the first tip, your little munchkins filling freshly changed diapers is a very typical experience, especially if you’re starting out. When they get old enough you can start to send them to the toilet before changing them. Having those extra diapers to hand can be useful to avert any soiling emergency. You can have a special diaper basket in the bathroom or extras in your diaper bag when you’re out and about for easy access at those unpredictable moments.

Make it a game

If your little one is not quite of toilet training age and they don’t sit as still as they used to, diaper changing sessions can be exhausting. Not to mention messy. One second, your little tyke is laying on the changing pad and, when you just turn a little and grab the wipes, he’s up and crawling away leaving a trail behind him with you chasing him, grabbing him, and bringing him back to the changing pad again. And again. And again. It’s enough to make even the most experienced parent cry. A very simple way to combat this is to avert their attention. Yes, you can get mobiles, but some kids are more active. Singing songs, making hand gestures, and gently poking and ‘boop’ing their tummies can be as fun for you as it is for them. Obviously, make sure you have clean hands.

Wipe and dry before putting on a new diaper

With either warm water and cotton balls or formulated baby wipes, make sure to clean the diaper area completely before getting into any crevices. Girls should be wiped from front to back and keep boys’ penises covered to avoid an unexpected pee fountain surprise. Make sure you pat dry the whole area before putting on any creams or fresh diapers as to avoid further irritation.

Get them to stand
Hear me out about this. When a toddler is standing or on all-fours in the bathroom, instead of on a changing mat, they are unable to run away or cause mischief. This is especially useful at toilet training age, as you can send them to the toilet while cleaning up the dirty diaper and preparing. When it’s time to clean dirty bottoms, have your little one standing on all fours, like a front-facing crab, because it makes it easier to clean this way and you can check them for anything unusual at the same time, rather than having them on their back where you can miss things and cause rashes. Having a baby stand rather than lying down, when putting on a diaper, it puts less strain on the little one’s body as when you lift them to place the diaper underneath their bottom.



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    Good easy steps to help changing diaper of kids …..thank you for sharing with us.

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