Last-Minute Family Plans for Crimbo Limbo 2021

Christmas is a magical time of year for parent and child alike, though the parents do get the brunt of the work. Before you know it, though, you’ll be on the other side of Christmas Day, full of turkey and stuffing, living room piled high with spent wrapping paper, and Grandad snoozing on the sofa. Welcome to Crimbo Limbo.


Crimbo Limbo

What Exactly is Crimbo Limbo?

“Crimbo Limbo” describes the awkward period of time between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, a six-day period after the excitement and festivity of Christmas for which nothing is usually planned – past the odd family visit and an abundance of leftover Christmas dinner sandwiches. With holidays for the vast majority extending up until the 2nd January at the earliest, this is a lazy period, defined precisely by its lack of definition; and while families are absolutely deserving of the respite it provides, Crimbo Limbo can still drag. So how to combat it the right way?


Creating Crimbo Limbo Plans

While your kids might be pre-occupied with pranking you and your extended family in the post-Christmas period, you could be researching local events and attractions between Christmas and New Year. Facebook’s Events section is a great place to start for local recommendations – whether an arts and crafts market in a local town hall, or a winter get-together for families in a nearby park.

Given you may not have much better to do, you can also go a step further with your plans; plan for larger excursions, from day trips out of your usual stomping ground to a full-blown post-festive holiday to somewhere entirely new, with your family in tow. Whitby Bay would be absolutely freezing and windy to boot, but a bed-and-breakfast on the coastline would provide cosy vibes while such attractions as the Dracula Experience and Captain Cook Memorial Museum would be sure to entertain the little ones. Alternatively, if you’re not quite ready to let go of the Christmas spirit you could take your family down to Chessington World of Adventures for a taste of Father Christmas before the season ends in January.


Crimbo Limbo

Before You Go…

Any major trip away, whether or not it’s filling a yawning gap in your festive calendar, requires adequate preparation. Get your car booked in for an MOT online ahead of any road-tripping, to ensure your car is covered and that no nasty surprises rear their head on what should ultimately be a relaxing holiday after the rigours of the Christmas period. Make sure to also stock up on snacks and goodies for the trip – maybe a great way to make short work of all the chocolate you and your children will have received in the last few days! All that’s left to worry about is the act of enjoying your last-minute plans; its been a busy Christmas, and now you get to enjoy what’s left of your time off with your family, and without stresses of a festive timetable.


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