Looking for an Easter getaway? Here’s why you should consider cruises

Easter is the time for chocolate eggs and for the fortunate, holidays! So, if you are looking for the ideal Easter getaway, have you given much thought to cruises? Regardless of whether you are a seasoned veteran when it comes to cruise holidays, or completely clueless regarding the different cruise lines and experiences, cruises are the perfect type of holiday that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.

Still undecided about them? Don’t worry – this blog will explain why you should definitely consider cruises when you want to go on holiday.


What can you expect on a cruise?

The facilities and experiences you can expect may differ from cruise line to cruise ship, so it is worth taking note that not all cruises are the exact same, making them great for repeat holidays on different cruise lines and ships!

All you really need to do is turn up! Excursions that are outlined in the cruise itinerary are completely optional, so you can spend all day lounging around if you prefer. Additionally, it is relatively easy to find your ideal cruise online! So, if you are wondering how you can get the best Silversea cruises, a simple Google search will most likely direct you to the best cruises available.


Benefits of cruises

So, what’s all the fuss about with cruises, anyway? Although cruises do come with a set of cons, this means that there are also a few pros to counter potential drawbacks. We have compiled a list of some of the advantages to cruises that you should certainly take into account:

  • All-inclusive – most, if not all, cruise packages are all-inclusive, meaning that they come with everything that you need to enjoy your holiday; from your room to food to access to live shows, entertainment and other amenities, these are all included in the ticket price! Some cruise ships offer additional services that you might have to pay extra money for, but this is entirely up to you
  • Cheap – if you have a strict budget, then a cruise is one of the best ways to not break the bank when trying to book a holiday for Easter; they are incredibly cheap compared to travelling abroad and having to book your own flights, accommodation, and then pay for food whilst you are there as well
  • A variety of food and drink options – many cruise lines and cruise ships offer casual and fine dining options, so you have the choice of eating a wide range of different cuisines (usually related to the places that the ship stops at/passes by), plus room service is typically 24/7 and there is often a bar to get drinks from!
  • A chance for disconnecting and relaxing – although a cruise is cheap to book, things such as Wi-Fi can be expensive, especially if you are onboard for a week or more; as a result, instead of paying for the Wi-Fi and being tempted to check your work emails and/or spend your holiday scrolling through social media, take this time on the cruise to disconnect and allow yourself to lie back and relax




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