How to make a simple chocolate bark

We have been wanting to learn how to make a simple chocolate bark for a long time but chocolate never seems to last 5 minutes in this house.

We buy it with good intentions but whoosh it soon disappears!

However last week was my son’s very special 13th birthday and his little sister wanted to make him something a bit special to celebrate him becoming a teenager. It was definitely time to try our hand oat chocolate bark! Here is her little vlog showing you how to make it.

Please excuse the lighting she had gotten up at 6am to make it for him before school started!

She is a very good little sister.

You can use anything really to put on your bark. As long as you have your melted choc base and it is still warm and dsoft you can pretty much add anything you fancy to it.

I fancy caramel and pistachio on a more grown up version.

I think this is a lovely idea for a teacher gift too or for  party bags! It breaks up so easily and a slice is just pure delight. I have to admit to having a fair few myself!

What would you put on yours?

make a simple chocolate bark

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