How to make a pumpkin cat

How to make a Pumpkin Cat

We love Halloween here but I am not a huge fan of real pumpkins they make such a mess!

I always succumb in the end though! But oh the smell as they go off ICK!

One year we grew our own and that was the best fun. Blimey it was massive..we could not quite believe it. Never have I wanted to carve a pumpkin less!

This year I presented my daughter with a cardboard pumpkin and suggested she put her wonderful imagination to work and make it into something special. I think she did the most awesome job.

I would suggest when spray painting you use a little face mask and the smell is very strong as we soon found out and if possible let your creation dry outside so you also dont get that strong smell inside. I woudl also always supervise sprat paining and make sure the can is pointing in the right direction.

I am a big believer in not wasting things so anything you have handy is the best thing to craft with and it can really encourage creativity to craft from scrap.

This will last year after year and is perfect for a little plastic fake tea light and to pop on our doorstep.

Have a happy Halloween!



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