Motivational Wall Stickers

I have been looking at a range of motivational wall stickers and thinking how fabulous they would be to have in and around our home.


Motivational wall stickers

I love inspiring quotes and find ones we see in front of us regularly seem to become part of our psyche and help us gain a positive mindset.

The power of the written word is amazing, isn’t it?


The benefits of wall stickers

Wall stickers are inexpensive, easy to apply and are easy to change. they add a really personal element to our home and can look super stylish too.


Words to inspire my family

Some of the motivational wall stickers that I came across really impacted me and I think they would be fabulous to have around our home so my children absorbed their message too. Here are 5 I particularly liked and the reasons why.


Life is beautiful


Motivational Wall Stickers

Life really is beautiful but we so often focus only on that which is hard or tough or sad or challenging. We have to remind ourselves to rest every now and again and remember life is beautiful and look for the good. A great big motivational wall sticker like this would keep that message firmly at the centre of all our minds.


Fortune favours the brave



I believe fervently that fortune favours the brave. I belieive you have to go for things in life if you want good fortune and not just sit back and wait for good things to happen. Go for it kids, this message would shout!



Follow your dreams


Follow your dreams is a key message I want my children to absorb. I don’t want them to live a life that I or their teachers guide them into but one that celebrates their passions and interests. This is a message I would have on the wall right by the front door as they set sail into the world each day.


Do it



You can plan and prepare and procrastinate in life or you can do it. We all need to just ‘do it’ sometimes and I love this quirky motivational wall sticker…what a powerful message for all the family (I need this above my desk!)


Free Spirit Motivational Wall Stickers



I wish for my kids to be free to be exactly who they are and live a wild and precious life  This motivational wall sticker reminds me of the Mary Oliver poem


Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?

All the above motivational wall stickers are from tenstickers. Aren’t they just fabulous?


Tenstickers also sell very cool vinyl rugs – a brilliant and inexpensive way to add a cool vibe to a room and maybe even a little more motivation


vinyl rug


Such a lovely selection of positivity!


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