Nature Craft Windows

Last weekend I learned how to make nature craft windows. I don’t know if they are a ‘thing’ already or something I have sort of invented.

Vague I know!

I was reading this marvellous book called The Stick Book which is about loads of things you can make or do with a stick. In it was a lovely idea for creating a magical carpet which looked just gorgeous (but is I think more suited to Autumn’s rich colours.)

stick book

I did like the idea of making nature art though and the idea of using sticks as a frame, filling the inside with flowers and leaves made into pictures. I had a huge bowl of stones and shells from our recent holiday too so this made a lovely addition.


I laid my frame (using willow) and divided it into three sections assuming the children and I would decorate one window each.  I don’t know about you my parenting  plans often go awry. One child had a friend over and they were hugely engrossed in Lego and the other was coding something after a 3 hour rafting party and declared himself ‘too tired’.



Oh well never mind. More space for me to get creative.


I made a flower window, a star window and a heart window and if the rain clouds had not gathered I really could have gone on and on.


There is something so relaxing about crafting from nature.  I don’t know if it comes from being outside, working with nature’s own creations, or using free materials that are just ‘there’. I like the fact what I make is transitory; that I can show it off proudly and take a photo  of it too but that it does not need to last, be stored or take up room.


The fleeting nature of what I have made pleases me greatly. In my quest to have less cluttering up our lives, creations do not need to be ‘kept’ but the process of making and crafting, the experience and delight of it can still be preserved – and nothing is wasted – nothing is cluttered.

The loveliness lies in this simplicity. Don’t just save it for the kids nature crafting makes ALL our souls sing.

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  1. June 30, 2016 / 10:04 am

    That’s such a great book, I really love it.

    Your stick picture frame are beautiful!

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