Older People Are Our Community Heroes

Rewards for Community Heroes announced its winners on the 27th of July. The competition (run by Chums) looked at the older people in our lives and the value they bring to our communities. Such warm and fuzzy feelings come from reading these stories. I am so happy to share them with you today – to have a read take a look her at Chums Community Heroes. Margaret Ruth and Morag help :schools, prisoners, teens, entertain at a nursing home and much more. They sound delightful, passionate and rather wonderful. Do pop to Chums to read their stories and see what they won!

Our communities are packed with volunteers from the older generation who might not get recognition for the work they do to benefit our lives.


My mum

My mum was a community hero.  In her older age she visited a number of neighbours with food when they were struggling and with companionship when she knew they were lonely. She spent time reading with kids at 3 different schools. She was a school governor too and took her role seriously and worked very hard to promote fairness and inclusion within the school. She gave regularly to support her church and  she tended to the upkeep of her street too. All these small acts were served with a smile and a whole lot of warmth and friendliness. She absolutely bough sunshine to people s day. In fact she regularly bough so much  joy and support to so many people her impact can not be underestimated.

What do older people bring to community service?

Older people bring a lot to the table when serving the community. They have a lot to offer including an abundance of the following three areas.

  • A greater sense of community values
  •  Time
  •  Wisdom
  • Skills and expertise

It is so important to appreciate and value what they bring and make really good use of it. Older people are a fabulous resource in volunteering and community work but we need to encourage and respect what they have to offer. As well as bringing a lot to the table they also have a lot to gain form being involved in community work.


What do older people gain from community service?

Older people gain a great deal form being involved in their community including …

  • A sense of purpose
  • Company and friendship (research has shown that people who volunteered had their risk of dying reduced by as much as 22%.)
  • Happiness (and proven reduction in depressive symptoms)
  • Good health!

Older age can be best by loneliness which has a huge and detrimental impact on both physical and metal health. Volunteering can offset this and bring old and new friends into older peoples lives. Community also gives them a sense of worth and self respect which is vital for  emotional wellbeing. Learning new skills and utilising old ones keeps their senses sharp too.


Older People Are Our Community Heroes

Final thoughts on our senior community heroes

Older age can be meaningful and bring fresh new challenges, friendships and opportunities. Community participation and action truly help facilitate this. Our older generation have so much that they can and do offer and we need to pay attention and celebrate them for the amazing contributions that they make.

Well done to Chums for recognising the value older people bring to our communities.


Written in collaboration with Chums


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