Planning Your Ideal Date

What’s your idea of a winning date? Do you like to go with the flow and see where the night takes you or would you prefer to have everything planned out? Is it important to dress to impress or do you like to pick an outfit that makes you feel confident but comfortable? Let’s ponder the big questions to help you define your ideal date…


Planning Your Ideal Date, Becky Goddard



Whether you met in the veg aisle at you local supermarket or through a dating app, many would argue there’s an ideal window for scheduling that very first date. Yes, we all live busy lives – but leaving it too late can lead to more disappointment if the date doesn’t live up to expectations. Planning dates a week or more in advance can show commitment that you want the date to happen but in reality this slight delay could make it more likely that the meetup is cancelled.


There’s a very good argument for striking while the iron is hot if you can by planning a date within a few days of the possibility being touted. Remember that you absolutely don’t need to wait for the weekend to come round as long as your date is happy to go out on a school night. Or, you could schedule a short lunch date one week day with a view to planning a longer date later if you get on well.

Who pays?

You might think that going dutch is the done thing nowadays but in a US survey 78% of those polled said that when a man and woman head out on a date, the man should pay for the first date. Whether you prefer to split the bill, take it in turns to pick up the tab or leave the bill for your date, it’s best to be up front. This should help you to decide what you do for the date. You shouldn’t, for example, feel pressured to split the bill in an expensive restaurant if you’ve been honest that your budget won’t stretch that far. Neither should feel obliged to splash out on dinners or activities for every single date.


If you’re on a limited budget for whatever reason, try suggesting creative and fun dates that won’t cost either party much more than time itself. For example, a picnic in the park can make for a really chilled summer date. The sharing of good company, fun activities and even food needn’t cost a lot, though for some unscrupulous singles who admit to putting in ‘foodie calls’ and dating for free meals, the question of who pays is unfortunately at the heart of their dating strategy. Cheeky, huh?

Getting intimate

There are plenty of consenting adults out there looking for no strings attached dating but whether you’re seeking a long term commitment or a bit of fun, it’s up to you whether to get physical on your first date or after five weeks. One YouGov poll suggests that 18% of people get down to action on the first date with 12% following the ‘three date rule’ and 15% waiting until they’re in love before bringing sex into the equation. As long as you play it safe by using suitable contraceptives and are both on the same page about what you want from the date and the future, it’s up to you how you s-express yourself.

The venue

There’s a lot to be said for the traditional dinner date when it comes to getting to know someone but if you hate the formal date set up, why not shape your date activity into something that suits you better? A comedy show and a round of drinks, a round of golf, a salsa class or a cookery lesson can provide plenty of opportunity for fun or laughter far beyond the average cinema trip. Think about what kind of venue and activity will allow you to be yourself and share your interests. Are you at your best when you’re engrossed in an activity that takes your mind off dating nerves? Do you find dancing easier than talking? Wherever you go – don’t forget to consider the number one rule of date planning; prioritising safety. Be sure to meet your date in a public place, let a trusted friend or relative know where and when the date will be and that you’ve arrived back safely.


What would you do on your dream date? Would you be whisked away to Paris by plane or head down your local for quiz night and a couple of pints? Do you think the date itself is important or is how the date goes all down to good – or bad – company?


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