Rainbow Stickers for Wall Decor

Oh how I love to see rainbow stickers for wall decor.

A rainbow has been such a powerful symbol over the past year, hasn’t it? Indicating our hope, our appreciation for the health service – the promise of sunshine after rain.

I do not know one single person who does not absolutely love a rainbow – a rainbow is just a delight, a miracle and something to always make you smile.


“Rainbows reminds us that even after the darkest clouds and the fiercest winds there is still beauty.”

– Katrina Mayer

We don’t need to wait around in the hope of seeing a rainbow when we can buy rainbow stickers for wall decor in our homes. That way we can see them every single day.

Why wall stickers?

Wall Stickers are amazing. They have so many benefits; they are inexpensive, really easy to apply to your walls, give a professional effect but you can do it yourself. They come away easily with no mess and no fuss so you can change the whole look of a room quickly just by removing and then applying a new sticker.


Rainbow Stickers for Wall Decor for kids

When it comes to choosing  wall stickers for kids there is  huge array of options and they are the ideal decor solution. Kids grow so rapidly and their interests change so quickly what they want from their room decor changes regularly.

Wall stickers are so much simpler/cheaper/easier to replace than redecorating a whole room but can quickly change the whole vibe.


Rainbow Stickers for Wall Decor


This cheerful rainbow sticker is both cute and friendly and would look wonderful in a younger child’s bedroom or playroom – so cheerful.


Rainbow Stickers for Wall Decor


Lots of kids like to stamp their individuality on their bedrooms as they grow and this works so well with these cool rainbow name stickers


For a tween or teen a rainbow splash  effect might be a cooler way of adding a vibrant dash of colour to the room.

How cool is this rainbow sticker for wall pzazz.


Rainbow Stickers for Wall Decor


But how about rainbow stickers for wall decor in more grown up parts of the home? Well there are again lots of options:



Rainbow Stickers for Wall Decor around the home

How about this rainbow sticker for the shower? Subtle but stylish this grey pantone pattern shower decal is a lovely way to bring a little interest into a stark bathroom.



And how about this for the lounge – a rainbow wall decal applied to the door? Not quite as subtle as the shower door but fabulous!



So rainbow stickers for wall decor really can be used all over the home – and I think you will agree they are just lovely.



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