Simple Crafts for Chinese New Year

We have  come to the end of our Bostik Blogging journey where every month over this past year we have been sent an eclectic box of craft stuff and chanllenged to craft to a theme. We have had aso much fun doing this and you can clixk here to see the results of our craft challenges  and in fact all our simple crafts

This month we were challenged to make sime simple crafts for Chinese New year and we decided to keep it very traditional.

Friday 16 February is the date for Chinese New Year 2018 so we are aghead of the game this year!
We didn’t need anything

A simple egg box ( surely the best recyclable craft product ever)  made such a great dragon’s head and we were thrilled with how it lent itself to the occasion. All we needed were googley eyes, a feather and some red glitter foam.

Isn’t he adoreable?

Simple Crafts for Chinese New Year


Next we made a simple Chinese lantern. For this we followed this very simple tutorial

We plan to make a bunch of these and string them up to celebrate Chinese New Year, eat chinese food and make our own fortune cookies.

Bostik products have, as always, made our crafting so much easier. We love the sticky foam pads and the blutack but the sticky glue dots are absolutely our favourite !

We have had so much fun crafting with Bostik and Tots 100 in 2017. Do check out their great products and happy Chinese New Year!

Take a look here for more ways to celebrate Chinese new year 


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