4 Super Simple Flower Crafts

I received a lovely Bostik Bloggers box this month and a challenge to craft some simple flower crafts. As ever I like to  keep any crafts I make easy so they are completely do-able  and these flowers really could not be simpler..or need less ‘stuff.’

What you will need

Paper cases

Pipe Cleaner

Glue or clear tape

You simply fold your paper case in half then roll it into a cone and secure with tape or glue.

There should be  a tiny gap at the bottom which you can push you pipe cleaner through to make flowers. Arrange in a vase and never both to water. These will last you ages!

Using simple flowers shapes we also made a sweet happy new home card for a friend who is moving  We love a bit of collage!


We also had fun making pin wheels and attaching them to straws. Rather than reinvent the (pin) wheel I am jut going to direct you over the simplest tutorial ever for making a pinwheel

It is so easy we got it perfect first time!

And thinking all about Spring we made flower rain clouds to help our garden grow.

As well as a few lovely crafting materials, great, easy to control  sticking products (like the Bostik fine line glue) the main thing you need for crafting is time together and imagination to really get the creativity flowing








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  1. May 7, 2017 / 6:32 pm

    My little girl will love making these. Thanks for the ideas.

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