The benefits of Adult tricylces

On your bike

Do your kids love to cycle? If they do then that is a fabulous activity for you all to do together It’s all very well seeing lovely happy and healthy images of families all heading out on bike rides together. But what if you aren’t so confident on a bike?  It would be a shame to miss out on the fun, family activity because of that.

Maybe what you need is a tricycle?

Let’s have a look at some bikes that would work for even unconfident cyclists.

When you think of tricycles I bet you think of something little kids might ride before they get confident. Yet there is a whole other world of tricycles out there that is just absolutely amazing


The benefits of adult tricycles

The benefits of Adult tricylces

Isn’t that cute!  It is a folding electric tricycle so no worries about getting it in your car! Or cycling without having to exert too much effort.

Adult tricycles are the easiest way to get back into cycling. They are absolutely deal if you have mobility or balance issues, providing a smooth and enjoyable ride for both novice and experienced cyclists. They are also great if you are a learner r just really nervous.


You don’t have to get an electric one, they come in classic styles too and get this if you have a real adventure streak you can get a mountain trike! I kid you not…. yep, a mountain biking tricycle- check out the bike below. Now that is cool.


So even if you have some issues with balance or mobility or your nerves there is absolutely no reason why you can’t cycle in some way with your family and make some amazing memories.  Grandparents too might want to come along and a bike like this might be just the thing.

When it comes to being fit and well I would absolutely state that as a parent this is not an indulgence. Kids need healthy parents both mentally and physically so do, always.  invest in your own health and wellbeing too.

The story behind Jorvik

When James Walker needed to find a good quality trike for his fathe, Stuart, who had from Parkinson’s disease, he discovered therejust weren’t the kinds of bikes out there his dad could ride. So he created Jorvik. Isn’t that just so lovely?




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